Prerequisites: None 

Audience: New TrackWise Digital Training Management System (TMS) Administrators 

Course Duration: 0.5 Day 

Access Duration: 1-Week 

TrackWise Digital Training Management System  Course Description

This eLearning on-demand course is for those new to the TrackWise Digital Training Management System (TMS) application. This course provides students with an understanding of the TMS solution from a TMS administrator and TMS User perspective using interactive simulations that you can view and have the opportunity to try it.

Students will learn how to manage library items, quizzes, training plans, assign and complete training, and understand the TMS Dashboard. Additionally, students will learn how to manage training related to the application integration of TrackWise Digital Training Management System and TrackWise Digital Document Management System.

TrackWise Digital Training Management System Course Topics/Outline

  • TMS Overview
  • TMS User Management
    • TMS User Setup
  • TMS Management: Activities and Quizzes Menu
  • Create Training Plan
  • Manage Library Items
    • Manage Training Level
    • Create a New Document
    • Create a New Course
    • Release Library Items migrated from DMS
  • Quizzes
    • Create Questions
    • Create a Quiz Bank
    • Manage Quizzes
    • Attach Quiz to a Library Item
  • Training Plan Management and Assignment
    • Training Plan Management
    • Training Plan Assignment
  • Dashboard Review
    • My Profile section
    • Team Progress Section (Managers Only)
    • My Team Section (Managers Only)
    • Add Training
    • Update Employees Status
    • Delegates
  • Complete Training (User)
    • Complete Document Training
    • Complete Document with Quiz
    • Complete Instructor Led Course Training
  • Assign Retraining
  • Revise a Library Item
  • Obsolete a Library Item
  • Notifications
  • Reports