Modernize the Annual Product Quality Review Process

Introducing HPQR 


The annual product quality review (APQR) process is a requirement for manufacturers of drug products to comply with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations and maintain high-quality products. However, data aggregation tasks and siloed analysis can plague APQR preparation often hindering product quality decisions, leading to inefficiencies and errors in the process. 


Streamline the creation of APQR reports with the HPQR app. Say goodbye to burdensome manual efforts and embrace a streamlined process that enhances collaboration, improves operational efficiency and meets regulatory compliance. Experience the future of APQR reporting with HPQR. 


Key Benefits of HPQR

Improve Efficiency and Data Integrity

HPQR enables users to quickly access and analyze data from multiple systems, reducing manual errors and redundancy. Automating data collection and analysis enhances operational efficiency while maintaining data integrity.

Anytime Reviews

By simplifying and automating the process, users can create virtual or interim PQRs, allowing them to routinely assess the state of their processes and review the progress of their continuous improvement initiatives.  

Simplify Report Creation and Collaboration

HPQR allows users to automate complex analysis of quality data and collaborate seamlessly across departments. Real-time collaboration ensures swift identification and resolution of product quality issues.

HPQR Features

Automated Analyses and Report
  • Automatically collect and compile quality data across sites and systems into a centralized report.
  • Generate statistical analyses, standard charts and chapters for product quality reviews and send to stakeholders with a single click.
Collaboration and Configurable Approval Workflow
  • Initiate the product quality review (PQR) process, assign users, tasks and approvals for seamless collaboration.
  • Never miss a task or an update—get instant notifications on open actions and report status.
Electronic Signature and Audit Trail
  • Supports eSignature in compliance with regulatory guidelines
  • The data, interaction, collaboration and comments within HPQR are all part of the audit trail and in compliance with regulatory guidelines
  • Generate a final APQR in PDF format

By applying the latest digital technology to automate the process end-to-end, drug manufacturers can streamline their data collection, analysis, collaboration and approval processes. This supports increased operational efficiencies, improved regulatory compliance and reduced costs. 

Download the whitepaper to learn how automating the APQR process can help simplify your product quality review process and help you make informed product quality decisions quicker and on a more routine basis.  


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