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The world’s first AI-enabled platform designed to

augment quality management decision-making provides powerful, AI-augmented quality processes, unlocking the value of operational data to improve decision-making. applies generative AI, natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) throughout the QMS to improve signal detection, help increase operational efficiency and advance employee productivity.​

Powerful, AI-assisted recommendations to classify and categorize and help streamline complaints triage, quality event handling and complaint intake.​


Leverages generative AI to automate quality event summaries, reducing the time spent gathering and synopsizing information, while helping improve the quality and consistency of these entries.​


Enhancing quality-related decision-making capabilities by helping quality teams identify correlations, trends and patterns.​


Root Cause Advisor​
Assists quality teams to identify root cause using historical data to correlate similar anomalies and find a common link.​ Enables Proactive Quality

Actionable Insights for Competitive Advantage

Improved quality performance leverages advanced digital technologies to augment decision making to enable the shift from reactive to proactive quality management.

Changing the “C” in CGMP

Combine best practices with the latest technologies to bring a new “current” to Good Manufacturing Practices.

Foster a Culture of Quality brings efficiency and effectiveness into quality processes that impact all levels of the organization.

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AI-Enabled Quality Management

By leveraging generative AI, natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning (ML) technologies, can help Life Sciences organizations enhance quality processes to drive tangible benefits. From improving signal detection to optimizing operational efficiency and employee productivity, learn how AI-enabled quality management can help to empower Life Sciences organizations to make more informed decisions and improve operational excellence.

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