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AI-augmented decisions to achieve proactive quality

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Harness the value of operational and quality data to augment and accelerate decisions


QualityWise.ai combines generative AI technology with natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to augment quality management processes. This combination not only can help enhance signal detection and operational efficiency but also help improve patient safety.​



TrackWise Digital Delivers First Purpose-Built Ai-Enabled Quality Capabilities

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Effective Signal Detection and Trending

With ready access to all quality data across your entire supply chain, QualityWise.ai can quickly identify high risk events and correlated quality records.

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Increase Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction

Improve productivity by reducing duplicate investigations and cycle time for complaint resolutions to minimize downstream risk and customer impact.

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Minimize Errors and Compliance Risk

Faster and more accurate decision-making by leveraging AI to objectively decipher large and complex quality data sets. Effectively reduce human bias, compliance risk and associated regulatory actions.

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Comprehensive Summaries

Utilize generative AI algorithms to automatically generate summaries based on the content of quality event records. This helps ensure consistency and accuracy in summarization outputs, reducing errors and discrepancies commonly associated with manual summarization efforts.

Embracing Innovation for Tomorrow’s Challenges

We are dedicated to driving innovation that empowers organizations to confidently navigate complex quality management landscapes. Through the integration of AI technology, we assist in improving efficiency, accuracy, and operational excellence within your quality management processes. Learn more on our AI-enabled quality management solutions.

Complaint Categorization

View suggestions on type, reportability and severity, to help teams quickly triage and ensure timely action.

Signal Detection

Prioritize high risk issues with AI-augmented categorization of reportability and risk​.


Generate more standardized summaries, enhancing overall quality and compliance.

Enhanced CAPA Effectivity

Verify CAPA effectiveness by helping to ensure similar quality events are not repeating across the organization.

REDUCE Duplicate Investigations

Identify related quality events and ​assist in avoiding duplicate investigations.​

Adverse Trend Identifications

Improve trend identification by holistically capturing similar events across multiple sites and product lines.

AI-Enabled Quality FAQs

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Complaint Management Software

The complaint handling QPA provides the ability to log, respond to and investigate complaints. 

Supplier Quality Management (SQM)

The supplier quality management QPA enables organizations to manage and collaborate with suppliers and contract manufacturers across your supply chain. 

Quality Risk Management

Risk Management enables companies to seamlessly link the risk process to other quality management processes. 

Audit Management

The audit management QPA helps companies monitor critical processes, identify gaps and improve quality. 

Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA)

The CAPA QPA enables organizations to track and manage the process of carrying out CAPA plans, automate verification of effectiveness over time, and provide seamless traceability to related quality processes, including change control and training.   


The nonconformance QPA records data about situations in which a product or device has not conformed to standards. 

Document Management

Access, edit, approve, store and share the latest version of quality documents throughout the value chain 

Training Management

With training management, automate company-wide training policies and regulatory requirements, where training activities are scheduled and tracked through completion

Out of Specification

Document and track results of in-process or finished product testing falling out of specified limits using the Out of Specification (OOS) QPA. 

Change Management

The change management QPA manages change at every level of the supply chain to ensure quality and compliance requirements are not affected.

Deviations and Quality Events

Respond to adverse events faster with the quality events QPA and reduce the amount of time it takes to act on quality and safety issues. 

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