I use quality and simplification pretty much hand in hand. All of us as quality professionals, we have big problems to solve and lots of regulation to navigate.

Barry Cook, VP of Quality Operations – McKesson

More from Barry Cook:

“I look at it really from two sides. I start with what am I trying to solve for and what visibility I need so I can determine where we need to apply rigor. So first I start with the user interface, how can I make it as easy as possible from a user’s perspective. I then look at how this initiative can create more capacity for my different sites? How can I make the user experience more efficient and easy to do while retaining capacity in my sites? That makes me compliant.”

“What I’ve seen is the user experience goes through the roof. The users actually use the data, not just the quality team, to manage themselves because at the end of the day we’re all here to protect patient safety.”

“Our suppliers want to be successful, we want to be successful so let’s do that together with the same goals. Their user experience is phenomenal, ours is phenomenal and that’s where the engagement and the culture grows. And its areas that you can look at utilizing a tool right out of the box. I don’t customize anything. I start with right out of the box and we’ll make continuous improvements if we need to. But to be honest with you, in two years we haven’t had to. “ 

About McKesson

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