Prerequisites: None 

Audience: New TrackWise Digital Document Management Administrators and End Users 

Course Duration: 0.5 Day 

Access Duration: 1-week 

TrackWise Digital Document Management System Course Description

This eLearning OnDemand course is for those new to the TrackWise Digital Document Management System (DMS) application. The course provides an overview of DMS as a document management tool. Providing course lessons that include an explanation of the DMS objects, application management and navigating the document lifecycle. Walk throughs of the process are included using interactive simulations of the functionality where you can view and have the opportunity to try it. Students walk away with a comprehensive understanding of how to use TrackWise Digital DMS application from the DMS administrator and DMS User perspective. 

TrackWise Digital Document Management System Course Topics/Outline

  • DMS Overview
  • DMS User Overview
    • DMS Roles
    • DMS Permission Sets
  • Login
  • DMS Application Setup
    • DMS Setup
    • Create a DMS Admin (System Permissions) Permission Set
    • Assign Permission Sets
    • Reconcile Users
    • Custom Setting/ DMS Application Settings
    • Upload Logo
    • Create Document Types
    • Create Document Departments
    • Document Number Format Setting
    • Cabinet Structure
  • Flex Field Configuration
    • Create and Configure Flex Field
  • Flexible Permission Criteria
    • Set Permission Criteria
    • Create Public Group
    • Setup Sharing Rules
    • Create DMS Groups
  • Additional Application Setup
    • Audit Trail Setup (TrackWise Digital Platform Audit Trail)
    • QMS/DMS Integration
  • My DMS
    • My DMS
    • The Cabinet
  • Document Lifecycle Management
    • Document Lifecycle Management
    • Document Workflow Review
    • Create a Corporate Document
    • Prepare the Document Draft
    • Submit a Corporate Document for Review
    • Review a Corporate Document
    • Submit a Corporate Document for Approval
    • Approve a Corporate Document
    • Promotion of Document from Approved to Effective
    • Checkout a Corporate Document for Revision
  • Document Management Tasks
    • Document Management Tasks
    • Restoring Files
    • Change Author/Owner of a Document
    • Upload Workflow
    • Cancel the Workflow of a Document
    • Withdraw a Workflow for a Document
    • Obsolete a Document
    • Delete a Corporate Document
    • Controlled Printing
    • Controlled Download
    • View Audit Report
  • View Documents
    • View Documents
  • Print Approved, Effective, Obsolete
    • Print Approved, effective, Obsolete Documents
  • TMS Integration Overview