Strategic partnership brings forward next-level IoT and AI capabilities in order to cut investigation and product release cycle times and reduce wastage by identifying quality risk before nonconforming product is generated.

Sparta Systems and, provider of the award-winning Quartic AI and IoT Platform™ for Smart Industry, announced a strategic partnership to bring forward next generation AI capabilities for early risk detection during the manufacturing process to reduce product quality impact and enable near-real-time product release.

Finding the Problem After the Fact
While many medical product manufacturers safely utilize a “make-then-inspect” approach to product quality control, advances in technology and product and process scale and complexity are pushing the life sciences industries to identify product quality issues earlier to reduce waste and limit patient risk. Since quality cannot be “controlled into” a process, sole reliance on post-development/post-production identification of defective or unacceptable product is not an effective means of quality assurance and places supply chain continuity at risk of disruption.
Next Generation Capabilities
Connecting TrackWise or TrackWise Digital and the Quartic AI and IoT Platform™ for Smart Industry identifies and records deviations and at-risk product instances in real time along with interpretable context and background, connecting investigators and qualified persons to real-time manufacturing data and analytics to enable rapid decisions. Increasing product complexity and variation require a different approach to demonstrating product quality beyond conventional sampling plans and AQL inspection, while increasing product cost require manufacturers to revisit destructive product testing as the principle means of quality assurance and control.
Implications for Life Sciences Industry
The ability to detect anomalies in real-time during the manufacturing and simultaneously connect to that seamlessly presents an incredible QMS advancement in enabling proactive quality management. Integrating manufacturing operations data and quality data has the potential to revolutionize communication between the shop floor and quality teams, enabling faster, real-time intelligence sharing capabilities and supporting innovations in continuous manufacturing.

“Innovation in quality management is at the core of Sparta Systems,” said Dana Jones, CEO of Sparta Systems. “With this new combined capability, we’re putting meaningful quality insights and intelligence in the hands of our customers. The ability to not only capture but distribute the information to all levels and across all operating units empowers our customers to make faster and better decisions while assuring the quality of medical products and safety of patients and users.”

“For the first time in the life sciences industry, we are able to directly and systematically harness processing equipment’s ‘eyes and ears’, its integrated sensors, and deploy AI/ML agents that continuously verify process performance and pre-empt deviations. The ultimate goal is to be certain that all critical parameters are met, that we capture process and human knowledge, and that we are certain product coming off the line is not just okay, but perfect – the absolute highest quality,” explained Rajiv Anand, CEO of