Digital Shop Floor

Operational agility and speed, seamlessly connected to quality

Improve visibility at each phase of manufacturing

and release products faster


Production deviations and investigation of quality events, along with the volume of data that must be reviewed and resolved make the process of batch record review and product disposition increasingly complex. TrackWise Digital and harness the power of operational data from the shop floor by applying advanced technologies such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) connectivity to enable rapid decisions and faster product disposition.


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Augment Quality Decisions on the Shop Floor

Digitize Product Disposition

Move away from manual checklists with automated workflows and integration to manufacturing systems that connect the data and decisions for rapid product disposition.

Review by exception

QMS integration to IIoT systems to simultaneously assess risk levels, the severity of quality events and automatically initiate actions, reducing investigation burden and time.

Real-time detection

Identify anomalies during the manufacturing process in real time and simultaneously connect this data to the QMS for early risk detection to prevent errors from going beyond the manufacturing floor

Reduce costs and waste

Significantly reduce process-driven losses in quality and waste by identifying anomalies on the shop floor as they occur and take the corrective actions to prevent those losses before they next occur.

Digital Quality for the Shop Floor

Catch, report and correct quality issues in real-time, right on the shop floor

Review by Exception

Determine areas of high and low risks and provide recommendations on a full or reduced investigation of the process unit.

Manufacturing Anomaly Capture

Automatically identify anomalies and initiate quality events in real-time with the ability to monitor for CAPA effectiveness and manage resolutions within TrackWise Digital.

Digital Content

Operators can instantly access up to date digital work instructions and training documents directly from the shop floor from any device.

Industrial Internet of Things Integration

Integration between TrackWise Digital and leading IIoT platforms for anomaly detection and analysis.

Integrated Shop Floor

Seamlessly connect critical quality data and processes to ERP, MES and other manufacturing and supply chain systems.

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