On Nov 3 – 5, Sparta Systems virtually attended the 2021 RQA International QA Conference. Zillery Fortner, Sparta’s Product Advisor, QA/RA and Fabrizio Maniglio, Expert Solutions Engineer, both presented sessions at the conference.  

Did you miss it?  Here are some highlights from Sparta’s expert sessions.

Safeguard Your Supply Chain: Practical Insights for Remote and Risk-Based Audits

In her session, Sparta’s Zillery Fortner gave the audience her insight into conducting remote supplier audits. Attendees learned that the foundation for a strong, resilient and flexible supply chain starts with a purpose, including a strong mission statement, knowing the company’s vision and values, and more. She discussed how the success of our products depends on the entire quality system—if one process fails, the entire product fails—and the importance of controlling, evaluating and monitoring suppliers. Viewers learned the importance of establishing the appropriate mix of risk assessments and why we should avoid taking a manual approach to supplier management.

Fortner also discussed tips for effective risk management. Attendees learned about risk classifications, different risk types and steps in the risk process. Audit management was another key area that was covered with insights into six steps for performing a successful remote audit.

Capitalizing on the Perfect Storm for Digital Quality Transformation

Sparta’s Fabrizio Maniglio discussed how recent events have created the natural catalyst and ideal time for quality professionals to reflect, challenge, and innovate within their organization. Attendees gained insight into how embracing and adopting new technologies and ways of working can make the difference between success and failure.

Maniglio discussed how increasing complexity has affected how risk management is conducted, particularly for rare events that carry large consequences. Risk analysis tools can help us prepare for these unpredictable events. 

Maniglio introduced an event framework to help classify events more effectively, by identifying the “what” the “when” and the “why.” The goal is to prevent these occurrences and consider events that could happen in the future.

If you missed us at RQA, Sparta’s experts will be at other industry events throughout the year and will be presenting topics like these and others.

In fact, you can join us on December 14th for our upcoming virtual series, “Digital Quality Transformation in Action.”

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