November marked the beginning of World Quality Month and from November 7 – 11 we celebrated World Quality Week. World Quality is an annual campaign led by the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI). This year’s theme was “Quality Conscience: Doing the Right Thing.”  

World Quality Week provides an opportunity for businesses from all industries to celebrate quality awareness and give thanks to the quality champions across their enterprises.  

It’s also an opportunity to pause and reflect on the impact of company culture. Nurturing a culture of quality greatly impacts decision-making, allowing everyone across the organization to tap into their quality conscience.  

This week you’ve heard from Sparta’s President and CEO, Oxana K. Pickeral, who gave us her thoughts on quality.

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We also heard from Dave Medina, Sparta’s Vice President of Marketing.

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During the week, we shared some of our favorite pieces of content to help you on your quality journey:  

Striking the Right Balance between Compliance and Quality  

How do you strike the right balance between compliance and quality? A compliance-only focus risks failure in other quality areas such as product quality, safety, efficacy and continuity of supply. They may also lose sight of the goal, which is delivering safe, effective, high-quality products to the market quickly and consistently.  Learn More  

The 6 Stages of QMS Evolution 

Your quality management system (QMS) plays a critical role in your company’s success and it’s important to continually invest in your QMS to meet changing business and market needs. Find out where you are on the QMS digital maturity model in this infographic. Learn More  

Drive Company-Wide Operational Efficiency with Quality  

Successfully transitioning from conformance to performance in quality management requires a fundamental shift in viewing quality not as an isolated, standalone function but rather as a culture that permeates every aspect of operations. We discuss how quality drives company-wide operational efficiency in this white paper. Learn More  

This week we also shared with you some of our customers’ quality management success stories:  

Ansell Uses Quality Management Tools to Manage Complaints  

Ansell’s Director, QA & Regulatory Affairs, Ambir Hukkanen shares the benefits of using TrackWise Digital complaints to analyze the voice of the customer and track complaint information effectively.

Bausch Leverages the Power of a Total QMS Solution  

Bausch’s Andrew Walnoha discusses why the company chose TrackWise Digital and how Sparta’s Quality Process Accelerators (QPAs) built-in best practices helped simplify and harmonize their processes. 

Eisai Strengthens Global Quality  

Hear how Japanese pharmaceutical company, Eisai, is using digital quality to better service patient needs around the world. 

Sparta Celebrates Its Quality Champions 

For Sparta, quality is ultimately about improving patients’ lives. World Quality Week provides an opportunity to reflect on how quality conscience can impact an organization, helping to make decisions that will benefit the end user and ensuring that all products brought to market are safe and of the highest quality.  

Read more of our customer’s stories to learn how Sparta’s solutions are helping life sciences organizations meet quality management goals.