Are you simply reacting to quality events or are you preventing them from occurring in the first place?  Agile and scalable quality management systems (QMS) can help your organization take a proactive approach to quality, giving you the power to ensure patient safety, improve product quality and efficacy, reduce costs and maintain compliance.

Quality systems with advanced digital technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and IIoT connectivity help organizations reach this goal of proactive quality faster and use it as a competitive differentiator to deliver business growth and customer value.  

Let’s look into how organizations like yours can get closer toward proactive quality by harnessing the capabilities of a digital quality system.

Digital Quality as a Growth Engine

Change within the life science industry occurs quickly and is a constant. To keep up with this rapid pace and to accommodate your evolving needs, your quality infrastructure needs to be flexible and efficient.

Look for a digital quality solution that can:

  • Support new business models and revenue opportunities through collaboration and coordination across an expanding network of partners
  • Connect quality data across manufacturing and enterprise systems for more actionable insights
  • Reduce the total cost of quality by boosting operational stability, predictability and efficiency implementing incremental continuous improvement
  • Future-proof both quality and operations by embracing innovative solutions that optimize available and emerging technology

These capabilities will give quality leaders the tools needed to stop reacting to quality events and enable proactive quality.

Where a Digitally Powered QMS Provides Value

Advances in technology such as 3D printing and 3D sensors create new possibilities along with new data and insights to streamline processes and automate decisions. The ability to connect quality across physical, human and digital interactions to provide up to the minute, accurate information is key to enabling smarter workers and manufacturing lines. An enterprise, cloud QMS enables an accelerated path to digital, proactive quality with:

  • Improved usability and productivity
  • Aggregation of data to leverage AI and Machine Learning capabilities
  • 24/7/365 access to quality events and analytics
  • Faster deployment, maintenance and upgrades
  • Seamless scalability and integration to enterprise applications

These capabilities mean even better insight into quality data for life sciences manufacturers and helps ensure more effective and efficient decision-making. 

Tips for Starting Your Journey

Embracing a fully digital approach offers the most benefits, but not every organization is ready to take that leap. While everyone will go at their own pace, taking even a small step forward can be beneficial.

To ensure success, we recommend the following:

Access Your Current Situation: Assess the current environment to identify key challenges and opportunities. Are your processes harmonized globally? Are your operational systems already providing more data than your QMS can handle? Is your on-prem infrastructure due for an upgrade? Are you effectively managing supplier quality and audits?

Think about the Future: Determine where you want to be 3 – 5 years from now. What’s your strategic vision for quality as a driver of business growth? What are key digital initiatives? Have you set goals to overcome specific quality or operational issues? Do you want to improve visibility and resiliency across your supply chain?

Prepare for Change: How is your quality organization structured? Does your current operating, data and governance model support where you want to go? How will you manage change and ensure successful implementation and adoption? Are metrics aligned to strategic goals?

Finally, converge on a path forward. Map out the journey that aligns your business ambitions and digital readiness and get the digital tools you need to help get you on the path to proactive quality.

We can guide you on that journey.

Download our white paper for deeper insights and to learn 3 paths you can take toward achieving proactive quality.