Audience: System Administrators, IT and IS Support Personnel, Business Owners, Project Managers, Project Team Members
Duration: 5 Days

Introduction to TrackWise Configuration and Administration Course Description

Introduction to TrackWise Configuration and Administration is a course designed to teach you how to configure a simple TrackWise project from start to finish. This course introduces the user to TrackWise configuration for a basic tracking process. Once the project has been configured, students will test it in TrackWise. In addition to configuring a project, students will learn to establish parameters for the TrackWise Coordinator®, the automatic service for executing business rules in TrackWise. This course also covers the additional responsibilities a TrackWise Administrator assumes, such as creating log-in accounts, Help Desk and monitoring tools.

Introduction to TrackWise Configuration and Administration Course Topics/Outline

  • Creation of process groups to facilitate project migration
  • Introduce division and project concept
  • Create a project using a 14-step methodology
  • Creating a workflow
  • Create data fields for configuration forms
  • Define project member access to form fields and activities based on group categories
  • Activate audit trail monitoring for record updates
  • Define the user’s default desktop layout and create additional desktop layouts
  • Define states and activities for project workflow
  • Configure workflow for a project
  • Test the configured project
  • Configure the TrackWise Coordinator for general records upkeep
  • Create user log-in accounts
  • Use the Help Desk function to manage user accounts
  • Use “monitor for log-off” requests and record unlocking
  • Import data into Web Admin via the TrackWise Integration Manager