Prerequisites: Sparta Systems recommends Introduction to TrackWise or previous TrackWise experience/Technical Fundamentals of TrackWise/Introduction to Configuration and Administration
Audience: Any person who will be designing and developing Crystal Reports for their TrackWise implementation. This may include Project Managers, Team Members, Power End Users, Application Administrators, IS Support Personnel
Duration: 4 Days

Crystal Reports Design for TrackWise Course Description

The Crystal Reports Design for TrackWise course is intended to provide report writers a basic understanding of the Crystal Reports application and the TrackWise database structure. This hands-on course includes the creation of sample reports for a TrackWise implementation. A strong emphasis is placed on FDA-regulated industry examples and usage in a cGxP-regulated environment.

Crystal Reports Design for TrackWise Course Topics/Outline

  • Reporting overview
  • Integration with TrackWise Web and database connectivity
  • Linking tables using joins
  • Adding tables to a report
  • Designing multi record reports
  • Grouping and sorting data within reports
  • Utilizing running totals within a report
  • Utilizing parameters to control report content
  • Utilizing formulas to manipulate, control and calculate data
    • Date and time conversion
    • Swapping two columns of data
    • Calculate number of days open
    • Conditional display of data
    • Use of break groups to separate data
    • Management of null data result display
  • Utilizing headers and footers (including headers and footers for GxP compliance)
  • Development of charts and graphs
  • Utilizing cross tabs for matrix development
  • Utilizing the Select Expert tool to further refine data set results
  • Creating single record reports
  • Creating of sub-reports
  • Developing an activity history report for audit trail review on a record
  • Reporting on a family of records using parent-child reports
  • Converting reports from one database to another
  • Creating auto reports for scheduled distribution
  • Troubleshooting reports
  • Discuss the impact of configuration changes on reports via Views
  • Discuss report validation