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Sparta Perspective on FDA Regulation Trends

In this series, Sparta Systems shares insights about macro and micro industry trends that affect quality in such a bi-modal manner. Learn more about how Sparta is proactively solving for those challenges and opportunities by redefining the acronym SaaS from simply Software As A Service, to Solution As A Service. Read more about how Sparta is strengthening its relationship with global regulators, becoming a trusted strategic partner to the manufacturer, and fundamentally, systematically changing the 'c' in cGMP.

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The 3 Pillars of the Life Sciences Industry

May 7, 2020

| Reading Time: 3:12

Traditionally, medical product manufacturers have partnered with regulators to solve for future-facing challenges in quality and compliance. The technology solution provider would only be the enabler of the defined solution. Thanks in part to the rise of the fourth industrial revolution, that is about to change.

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