Audience: TrackWise QualityView Report Publishers and Authors
Duration: 4 Days

TrackWise QualityView for Report Developers Course Description

This TrackWise QualityView course is designed for the student to gain familiarity with the tools available in TrackWise QualityView to develop useful reports quickly and efficiently. There will be hands-on development of simple to advanced reports and the opportunity to explore some commonly used calculations and computes. Various display and formatting options will be explored as well as discussion on the benefits of planning prior to development. The bulk of the course will focus on developing which will demonstrate the flexibility of TrackWise QualityView as well as show the report developer a variety of methods for creating reports. In addition to reports, designing portals is cover as well QualityView administrator tasks such as creating schedules, distributing reports, alert reporting and change management (Import/Export reports) to name a few.

TrackWise QualityView for Report Developers Course Topics/Outline

  • Overview of QualityView permission levels
  • Overview of reports and charts
  • Review of available report outputs
  • Thorough review of the developer’s design screen and available features
  • Report exercises:
    • Create a report from a template
    • Create a report from scratch
    • Create a metric report
    • Create a chart
  • Filtering data and prompts
  • Create virtual fields (data defines), formula workshop and computes
  • Report exercises:
    • Join charts with drill down
    • Use hold files to Join reports
    • Create a document
    • Create a pareto
    • Create a cycle time report
    • Create a visualization (interactive document/dashboard)
  • Portal design overview
  • Report exercises:
    • Create a collaborative portal
    • Create a portal from a template
    • Compare quarter by year
    • Create a 3-level report
    • Multiple level drill down report
    • Animated overdue report
    • Report with auto links
  • Publishing/Sharing
  • Administration
    • ETL service
    • QualityView reportable classes
    • User permissions
    • Session timeout
  • Report Caster
    • Scheduling reports
    • Create and manage distribution lists
    • Alert reporting
  • Change Management
    • Export reports
    • Import reports