The Honeywell Life Sciences Applications Suite provides a library of applications for specific life sciences use cases that help companies improve business outcomes, product quality and patient safety. The first of these applications, Honeywell Product Quality Review, was launched in October. This solution is designed to automate and streamline the Annual Product Quality Review (APQR) process, enabling medical organizations to efficiently assess the quality of their products and more efficiently meet regulatory requirements.

These applications quickly enable new capabilities and unlock enterprise-level insights in a way that is flexible, agile and responsive to the evolving demands of the life sciences industry without imposing a heavy burden on IT, data infrastructures or resources.

With built-in integrations, the Honeywell Life Sciences Applications Suite is complementary to TrackWise and TrackWise Digital. The Honeywell Life Sciences Applications Suite data fabric and supporting services are built on AWS, in Honeywell’s virtual private cloud. AWS is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud, with more than 200 fully featured services available from data centers globally.

What is the Honeywell Life Sciences Applications Suite

The Honeywell Life Sciences Applications Suite consists of three major components:

Business Applications
  • Applications are hosted in AWS and updated based on a pre-determined release schedule. The business applications are designed to quickly deliver unique packaged capabilities and insights that are not readily available out-of-the-box from existing solutions and rely on multiple data sources. The suite provides a digital ecosystem of purpose-built applications that adhere to regulatory requirements to help support GxP compliance.
Connective Data Fabric
  • A connective data fabric supports business applications and orchestrates the computing network, storage and software components that work together to deliver data and services, allowing organizations to find, access and combine data from all available sources regardless of type and location. It leverages current data sources, IT architecture and systems of record. The connective data fabric is designed from the ground up with a modern architecture built for cloud computing and multitenancy. The app suite architecture takes a multilayered approach using industry recognized best practices for security and compliance from hosting, network and data storage security. The architecture is built on the AWS cloud, which is rated among the best when it comes to protecting your data by using the most advanced technology for internet security.
Data Sources
  • The data sources used in the Honeywell Life Sciences Applications Suite are those systems of record that already exist within an organization’s data architecture. Systems of record can take the form of databases, data lakes or warehouses, file or document repositories, streaming sources or other applications (i.e., PLM, LIMS, CTMS, ERP, MES, RIMS, QMS, etc.). Raw data coming from the customer’s data sources, either through manual upload or automated integrations resides in protected AWS storage.

Benefits of AWS Partnership

Partnering with AWS enables us to accelerate and focus on delivering innovative apps for the Life Sciences by leveraging its best-in-class technologies and advanced infrastructure. AI/ML, advanced analytics and hybrid integration are technologies that the app suite architecture has adopted to help companies progress through their digital journey and industry transformation.

Download the white paper to learn more about the Honeywell Life Sciences Applications Suite.