On June 8th, Sparta kicked off its two-day Digital Transformation in Quality virtual series with a welcome keynote from President & CEO, Oxana K. Pickeral. Viewers learned the vision for Sparta Systems and got more insight into how joining the Honeywell Connected Enterprise will provide value for the life sciences industry.

Over the course of this series, we considered trends that are driving the wave of digital transformation. Attendees were the first to learn about the latest enhancements to Sparta’s product lineup and hear how their peers are applying these solutions to enhance their quality management programs.

As Dr. Pickeral stated in her opening remarks, “Quality is our cornerstone and we’re glad that TrackWise and TrackWise Digital are here to support mission critical operations across many of our customers.”

Learn more about our commitment to quality and enabling a connected life sciences network:

We heard from customers who gave insights into how they’re applying TrackWise Digital within their own organizations. Industry experts talked about topics that we’re passionate about, including digital transformation in the life sciences industry.

Did you miss it? Here are the highlights from our series.

Day One: Looking Beyond Proactive Quality

On day one of our event, we considered how the latest digital technologies, like AI, NLP and IIoT, are helping to connect the quality and supply chain and improve decision making.

Attendees got an inside look at Sparta’s vision to support a connected value network. Our session lineup included views from Axendia analyst, Daniel Matlis, who shared with us what digital transformation means for the life sciences value network of the future.

Matlis shared content based on Axendia’s quantitative and qualitative research, the firm’s interaction with FDA officials, first-hand experience from clients and more.

Next, we heard from Sparta customers who are making the move to AI-enabled quality.

We were thrilled that Insulet, Orion and Ansell lended their valuable insights to our attendees. These customers gave us a look into how they’re applying AI-enabled quality within their organizations and the benefits they expect to achieve in doing so. We’re excited about the amazing value digital technologies have in getting companies closer to achieving proactive quality.

Day one wrapped up with a product roadmap update from our very own Hari Subramanian, Sparta’s Chief Product Officer. Attendees were given an update on Sparta’s product roadmap, an overview on recent accomplishments and a look into where we’re headed in the future.

It was an informative first day, filled with great insights from industry veterans, Sparta experts and innovative customers.

Day Two: Focusing on QMS Success

Sparta aims to simplify your quality management process and our final day focused on how you can seamlessly achieve QMS success. We showcased how some of our customers are using Sparta’s solutions as well as tips that will help you get the most out of your user experience.

Biovac was one of these customers, who joined us to tell us more about they transformed their operations to scale up vaccine production. Hear how they used TrackWise Digital to enhance their digital quality journey and bring products to market quickly and safely.

We then heard from Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS), who discussed how shopfloor connectivity helps to improve pharmaceutical manufacturing. HPS’s Heather Coglaiti joined us to tell us how process automation and connectivity can help pharmaceutical companies progress along their digital journey.

Attendees got to hear directly from Sparta’s customer success managers who covered how you can leverage their team to realize the value of your QMS investment, while navigating your digital journey. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn key tips for success when adopting the TrackWise Digital solution, training recommendations for system administrators and more.

We wrapped up our two-day event with a session from Sparta’s Director of Product Management, Daniel Burns, who discussed how to improve your organization’s risk management program using TrackWise Digital. Viewers learned the benefits of integrated risk management and what Sparta is doing to support ISO 14971 risk management for medical devices.

Digital Transformation in Quality

Virtual Series | 8-9 June 2021
Digital Transformation & the Life Sciences Industry

Hear from industry veteran and analyst Daniel Matlis as he discusses where the life sciences industry stands in terms of applying technology on the digital transformation journey and what that means for the future.

Embarking on the AI-Enabled Quality Journey

Stephen McCarthy, Sparta VP Digital Innovation, leads a panel discussion with Sparta customers who are embarking on the next phase of their digital journey to implement advanced technology using QualityWise.ai.

Achieving Rapid Speed & Scale with Digitalization

Hear how Biovac transformed operations to efficiently scale up vaccine production and how Biovac’s use of TrackWise Digital enabled greater capacity, speed and scale while ensuring the delivery of safe products to market.

Improving Quality & Efficiency with Shopfloor Connectivity

Hear from Life Sciences Market Leader, Heather Coglaiti, on how process automation and orchestration layer capabilities can provide visualization of operations for improved agility, quality and efficiency.

Leveraging Customer Success to Improve Adoption & Value

Hear two of Sparta’s Customer Success Managers share how they help TrackWise Digital customers navigate their digital quality journey with Sparta.

Proactive Risk Management

Sparta’s industry and product expert, Dan Burns, will discuss how TrackWise Digital’s Risk Management capabilities can help you improve your quality risk management program.