Integra is a very large company with multiple manufacturing sites. We have about 15-16 manufacturing sites globally. So right now, we have a lot of processes that manage our quality system. TrackWise Digital gives us the opportunity to standardize all these processes. In addition to that, we’ve got one single system, so if I have to pull a data set for management review, or if executive management wants to look across the entire Integra landscape, they can look at all of those data points, and they’re all going to be standardized from a metrics perspective as well. So that’s really the opportunity we see with TrackWise Digital.

Melinda Novatny, Senior Director, Integra Life Sciences

About Integra Life Sciences

  • Employees: 2,700 
  • Revenue: $1.3 billion
  • Headquartered: Princeton, NJ
  • Industry: Medical Technology
  • Products: Regenerative technology, Surgical instruments, Neurosurgical devices, Advanced wound care
  • Website:
  • Source: Wikipedia