“We’ve been working with Sparta since 2017. We initially did a few vendor demos and selected TrackWise as the quality management system that we wanted to replace an old homegrown system that we had previous to that. So really, it’s been a great relationship with them—very knowledgeable, they’ve listened to a lot of our feedback and reflected changes for us back into future releases of product. We’re currently working with them still today to determine upgrade or moving to TrackWise Digital opportunities and see where we can go from that.”

Brian Kennedy, Associate Director of QMS Technology – Parexel

More from Brian Kennedy:

“One of the biggest challenges we face with 18,000 employees globally is trying to get everyone to collaborate collectively within the same quality management system. Working with Sparta and TrackWise has really helped us try to bring that together.”

About Parexel

  • Employees: 18,900
  • Revenue: $2.3 billion
  • Headquartered: Durham, NC / Newton, MA
  • Industry: CRO, Pharmaceutical
  • Products: biopharmaceutical services, clinical trials
  • Website: parexel.com
  • Source: Wikipedia