We chose TrackWise Digital because we needed to move to a new system quickly because we were in the process of separating as two companies. So, we needed to find a way to stand up a QMS in a short amount of time–but a full-blown QMS. So, we focused on TrackWise Digital mainly because we liked the look and feel of it and the added flexibility and functionality. Our IT department likes it because it’s on Salesforce so it’s understood as a technology, it’s reliable, and it’s also not as expensive as on premises when it comes to the overhead and all the other capital expenses related to it.

Andrew Walnoha, Director, Quality System, Technology and Support – Bausch Health

More from Andrew Walnoha:

“TrackWise Digital helped to simplify the processes when we rolled out because we used the QPAs (Quality Process Accelerators) which have industry best practices already built in, which helped us because then we were able to take many disparate processes and enforce this best practice that helped us to harmonize, or standardize, and also to simplify. So, from that perspective that was a big help and it also made it easy for us to not require more customizations. We could enforce that more strictly through the projects and it really did enable us to keep our costs down so much so that we actually came under budget on the project.”

About Bausch Health

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