“With complaints, one of the primary difficulties really is volume. You get a lot of feedback coming in and making sure that you are compliant is very difficult. So, complaints really are a primary tool for us to truly analyze the voice of the customer. With TrackWise Digital, having a tool that can effectively track that information, ensure that all the right steps are being taken and then, most importantly, extract that information for useful business decisions—TrackWise Digital was an important aspect to that.”

Ambir Hukkanen, Director, QA & Regulatory Affairs – Ansell

About Ansell

  • Employees: 45,000
  • Revenue: $2.02 billion
  • Headquartered: Melbourne, Australia 
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Products: Latex Gloves, Personal Protective Equipment
  • Website: Ansell.com
  • Source: Wikipedia