Quality’s call-to-action during the pandemic, to support our manufacturing partners

Every individual and organization is managing through the novel coronavirus pandemic in their own unique way. The Life Sciences industry is no exception and has a unique role in addressing the pandemic. Globally, diagnostic, medical device, and pharmaceutical companies are not only providing life-saving measures for patients every day, but they are also adapting to the increase in demand for products, while simultaneously responding to the call-to-action to support new product development to combat the virus.
While these companies have grown accustomed to change, the rapid evolution of the pandemic has put pressure on even the most robust supply chains, causing supplies to rapidly decline, while there is a global increase of demand. As the coronavirus spreads, companies have adapted to essential on-site personnel only which has led some sites suspend operations and downstream, transportation and storage is becoming more unsustainable as the supply chain.
Here at Sparta Systems, we have heard from across the Life Sciences industry about innovative ways they manage the crisis, to ensure that their patients are receiving the necessary supply of products, at the level of quality they expect, while also working under conditions that, in some cases, hinder the manufacture or shipment of these products.
During this pandemic, cross-functional teams are challenged to rise the occasion and support their team members in pursuit of a common goal. As manufacturing continues for critical life-saving medical products, Quality team members now have their own call-to-action. TrackWise Digital users are able to work across their organization at a safe social distance, which offers them a unique opportunity to support the manufacturing and supply chain network.
Today’s urgency requires rigor, more now than ever. To support the rapid pace of manufacturing efforts, Quality team members have to adapt allocation of supplies across the organization, while continuing to minimize risk. Without the opportunity to change materials on the fly, de-risking the supply chain can be done through rapid onboarding of the Supplier’s sister sites that may have been initially out of scope during qualification.
Key capabilities that are critical to managing today’s supply chain challenges include:

  • Improve operational efficiency by streamlining your quality and document management process
  • Ensure product quality standards throughout your extended supplier network
  • Easily scale quality operations to meet increasing market demands
  • Accelerate time-to-market through proactive analysis and faster resolution of quality events

With the understanding that these supply chain interruptions may transpire into risks, TrackWise Digital’s Supplier Quality Management cloud-based solution offers a central portal to stay connected with suppliers and ensure supply chain resilience when customers and patients need us most.