The evolution of quality management systems (QMS) is speeding up as organizations find new ways to apply artificial intelligence (AI) to complex manufacturing and distribution processes. Areas like complaints and quality events are ideal scenarios where technology can make an impact while offering the biggest leap in quality.

Let’s look into how AI-enabled quality can reduce risk, increase efficiency and keep patients safe.

The Evolving Quality System  

QMSs have always had close ties to innovation and new technologies. As quality teams find new ways to apply AI to complex manufacturing and distribution processes, the evolution of QMSs increases.

Processes like complaints and quality events are ideal scenarios that technology can impact greatly and provide the biggest leap in quality, resulting in additional quality improvements across the enterprise.

A Better Way to Manage Complaints and Quality Events  

Organizations will often manually review complaints in the order they are received. They assess the details of complaints, apply a severity level and categorize the complaint for follow-up. In this case, a lot of time is spent on lower severity issues as opposed to high severity issues.

Triage teams are left sorting through large quantities of data to categorize each issue. Product complexity, global outsourcing and the experience of the triage team can all impact the accuracy of this activity. Oftentimes, time and money are spent on lower priority, less critical complaints. The result is unaddressed, critical issues that continue to grow and cause higher costs and risk. 

How AI is Transforming Complaint and Quality Events Processing

An automated system provides visibility into high severity issues faster. Automating intake helps teams prioritize complaints and quality events for user review so team members can focus on urgent issues. AI-enabled quality systems provide a recommendation to the user about severity and categorization.

Through enabling the smart prioritization of issues based on historical data, organizations can realize significant savings as well as improved quality and greater efficiency. 

Move Toward Proactive Quality with AI-Enabled Quality Solutions

AI-enabled quality management systems can help organizations transform their quality culture and improve digital quality. Processes like complaints and quality events are only the beginning of the journey toward proactive quality.

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