TrackWise Supplier Collaboration FAQs

What Is TrackWise Supplier Collaboration?

TrackWise Supplier Collaboration is a cloud-based portal that extends quality processes beyond a company’s four walls out to suppliers and manufacturers. When combined with the rich capabilities of other Sparta QMS software, it offers an end-to-end supplier quality management solution.

Companies and suppliers can directly collaborate on all quality-related interactions that historically have been handled via phone, email, fax, and other inefficient methods.  This results in better visibility, reduced risk, and greater efficiency for all stakeholders. 

TrackWise Supplier Collaboration has a number of features that help manage qualifying, selecting, and monitoring suppliers and supply chain partners while enhancing the quality management process for third party suppliers and manufactures:

  • A single access point for all suppliers to interact with their client’s supplier quality management workflows, with a straightforward supplier registration and onboarding process
  • A series of supplier quality management quality workflows that include  CAPA, Audit Management, Change Management, Supplier Registration and Onboarding as well as supplier-initiated workflows such as Complaints and Non-Conformances
  • A thin-client, consumer-grade user interface that supports all major browsers with a full set of data capture fields for each enabled supplier quality process
  • A fully hosted solution that is 21 CFR Part 11, ERES, GxP, and Safe Harbor compliant
  • A set of charts to provide suppliers a visual representation of their quality-event related performance, including average cycle time, on-time performance and total quality processes by month

What are the benefits of Supplier Collaboration?

TrackWise Supplier Collaboration streamlines quality-related interactions between customers and their partners, giving greater transparency, management, and control into an organization’s quality management processes across the global supply chain.

Here are just some of the capabilities and benefits customers and their partners can realize using TrackWise Supplier Collaboration:

  • Enforces quality management best practices with your partners while providing transparency and accountability
  • Provides partners access to its web-based application, opening a collaborative communication channel more appropriate to the process
  • Integrates directly with Sparta Systems’ enterprise quality management software (EQMS) solutions (e.g. TrackWise EQMS), creating a fully featured, end-to-end supplier quality management solution
  • Captures comprehensive metrics within TrackWise EQMS for further analysis utilizing TrackWise QualityView, including supplier scorecards, KPI reports and risk analysis
  • Allows for secure information collection directly from partners without the need for email, fax, regular mail or courier
  • Provides partners one consolidated view of their customer-related quality events, with a user interface that is easy to navigate to help speed quality event resolution

How do TrackWise and TrackWise Supplier Collaboration work together?

In the past decade, more companies in the life sciences and other regulated industries that have traditionally used TrackWise and other QMS software have outsourced to drive down costs. This evolution of externalized manufacturing processes has resulted in significant inefficiencies in quality management and has led to increased risk for businesses. TrackWise Supplier Collaboration allows TrackWise customers to extend their QMS workflows to suppliers and contract manufacturers without assuming additional risk.

TrackWise Supplier Collaboration does not change how TrackWise QMS is used. TrackWise Supplier Collaboration connects to TrackWise QMS supplier quality processes in a configurable way, allowing TrackWise customers to extend workflows out to suppliers and contract manufacturers.

What QMS workflows does TrackWise Collaboration support?

  • Customer-initiated Quality Workflows
  • Supplier Registration
  • Audit Questionnaires
  • Non-Conformance or Deviations
  • Change Request
  • Action Items
  • Partner-initiated Quality Workflows
  • Change Notifications
  • Non-Conformance or Deviations

How do partner access Supplier Collaboration?

Once partner contact information is entered through the normal TrackWise interface, partner contacts are invited to use TrackWise Supplier Collaboration automatically through email. Partner contacts are prompted to click the registration link within the email invite, and are then prompted to activate their TrackWise Supplier Collaboration login through a standard username and password credentialing process. The interface is designed to be very straightforward and understandable and will require little to no training or set-up.

What kinds of documents can partners attach in a Supplier Collaboration record?

The following document types may be attached: Adobe PDF (.pdf), Microsoft Word (.doc), Microsoft Word (.docx), Microsoft Excel (.xls), Microsoft Excel (.xlsx), Picture (.png), and Picture (.jpg). In addition, Zip (.zip) will eventually be supported.

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