The Value of Business Intelligence

Many manufacturing organizations understand the value of Business Intelligence (BI) and have made significant investments in these solutions in order to gain insight on the business critical data collected across the enterprise. As such, quality-related data is a key component to this collection of information, in an effort to improve visibility into quality processes throughout a global supply chain. BI solutions help Quality Managers and Executives identify bottlenecks in these quality processes and allows them to take the most effective action in a given situation. 

In Quality organizations, BI systems are no longer nice to have, but essential to success. ETL tools are perhaps the most critical and the “heart and soul” of these BI systems. ETL processes can pull and transform data from organization’s quality systems into a relational data model that can be queried via BI systems. However, traditional ETL tools and home grown ETL processes are just too expensive, are too rigid, and require too much maintenance. ETL development can consume 60 to 80 percent of an entire BI project, burdening the IT organization through both costs and resources.

Quality Data Sync (QDS) features a fully automated powerful data transformation engine, which provides a seamless synchronization of TrackWise data to a data store. This provides a single version of truth of TrackWise® data for business intelligence and reporting applications.


Key Benefits of Quality Data Sync:



TrackWise QDS runs as a service and automatically checks for record updates in TrackWise and synchronizes the changes to the data store.


Optimized for Performance

TrackWise data tables are transformed and prepared in the data store to optimize query and analytical performance.


Well Documented

TrackWise Quality Data Sync provides a comprehensive guide on TrackWise QDS schema and how to effectively pull data from the data store with examples and tips.

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