TrackWise Digital Integrated Quality & Complaint Management System

Complaints can be a vital indicator of product quality issues and risk factors for recalls. Quality managers and their teams use complaint management systems to report and respond to customer complaints, investigate complaints within the organization and analyze how to avoid quality issues in the future.

Sparta’s complaint management capabilities in TrackWise Digital are highly flexible and integrate with your quality management system. Our solutions automate and centralize your complaints intake process, so you are more efficient at handling and correcting customer issues to improve product quality and your brand reputation.


Benefits of a Complaint Handling Software Solution

By automating your complaint management tracking processes and integrating them into a quality system, you can provide better service to customers and mitigate further complaints. It also allows you to move potential incidents through an investigation and corrective action cycle quickly and thoroughly.

  • Reduce costs and time
  • Improve response rate
  • Decrease closure times
  • Protect your reputation
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Maintain customer loyalty


TrackWise Digital QMS Complaint Management System

The complaint management capabilities within our TrackWise Digital QMS enable a global approach to complaint handling that streamlines complaint management activity within organizations of all sizes. The complaint management modules automate the process of assigning complaints and related investigations based on manufacturing location and product type. They allow quality management teams to optimize the complaint lifecycle with real-time trending and escalation of potential safety issues.

TrackWise Digital QMS provides a global approach to complaint tracking management, offering multi-site usage, multilingual capabilities, regional reporting requirements and unlimited security levels.

Identify trends as they emerge.
Spot product defects or safety issues faster than ever before.

Respond to complaints faster.
Streamline complaint management operations and reduce costs.

Quickly launch corrective actions.
Escalate high-risk quality and safety issues.

Comply with regulations.
Report quality and safety issues promptly and electronically.  

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Top Industries for Complaint Management Software

Each industry is different in terms of regulatory requirements, customer needs and manufacturing quality challenges. For example, a pharmaceutical or medical device manufacturer will have different regulations and needs than a food and beverage manufacturer.

  • Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology
  • Medical Device Manufacturing
  • Food and Beverage
  • Consumer Products

Other Modules in Sparta’s TrackWise Digital QMS

TrackWise Digital QMS software is an industry-leading quality and change control management system with integrated modules that work together to support quality, compliance and more efficient decision-making.

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