Sparta and Proceedix Innovate Together to Deliver Just-in-Time Guided Work Instructions to Digital Factory Floor and Laboratory Workers

Innovative technology to give employees access to step-by-step workflow procedures to support a “right first time” quality culture

HAMILTON, N.J., May 22, 2019 –  Sparta Systems, the leading provider of quality management solutions for life sciences, and Proceedix, an innovative platform for executing instructions with mobile and wearable technology, will partner to develop solutions that enable digital factory floor and laboratory workers to access important documents and just-in-time content at the point of need. 

Currently, deskless workers such as manufacturing operators and lab technicians are accessing materials that are >80 percent paper-based and may not be current or compliant. Workers also face increasing product and process complexity, making it difficult to access and apply approved procedures when performing critical tasks.    

The partnership will transform Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)s and work instructions into just-in-time resources that are presented with clear language and visuals in a step-by-step format. The Proceedix platform will extend the document management (DMS) capabilities of Sparta’s TrackWise Digital solution directly to the laboratory, shop floor, or anywhere in the supply chain where professionals work away from their desks, making the most up-to-date procedures accessible to workers.

“We’re excited to partner with Proceedix to deliver guided instructions to deskless workers through wearable and mobile technologies,” said Dana Jones, CEO of Sparta Systems.  “Enhancing quality management processes with human-driven instruction support reduces complexity, increases operational efficiency and supports compliance. This helps our clients reduce human error and foster a ‘right first time’ culture of quality.”

“Sparta is the leader in quality management solutions in the industry, and we’re excited to be innovating with them to empower shop floor and laboratory workers with workflow procedures that guide them through the execution of complex processes,” said Peter Verstraeten, CEO Proceedix. “This innovation partnership will provide workers just-in-time access to content, training, SOP documents and other information they need to reduce errors and optimize human performance.”

About Proceedix

Proceedix develops and commercializes a SaaS platform to simplify the management of enterprise procedures, work instructions and inspections, while making the remote execution paperless and mobile. The device-agnostic design allows operators to run their instructions and inspections on a Windows PC, Android or iOS smartphone or tablet and on Android wearables and smart glasses. Proceedix empowers the deskless operators of the Industry 4.0 future. Industry leaders such as AGCO, Philips and FrieslandCampina are leveraging the Proceedix platform to facilitate the digital transformation on the shop floor for work instructions, quality management and smart maintenance.