InfectoPharm Selects TrackWise Digital to Enable Digital Quality Management Across Pharmaceutical Operations

Leading specialist in the development of medications for children and hospital antibiotics implements digital QMS for end-to-end quality management to support rapid growth and ensure efficient compliance

HAMILTON, NJ – June 30, 2021 –Sparta Systems, a Honeywell Company, today announced that InfectoPharm Arzneimittel und Consilium GmbH, the leading pediatric pharmaceutical company in Germany, has selected TrackWise Digital® as its end-to-end, next-generation quality management platform.

InfectoPharm will implement TrackWise Digital’s solution suite that includes core QMS processes in addition to Complaints Handling, Supplier Quality Management, Document Management and Training Management to seamlessly integrate quality processes and data across its manufacturing operations and suppliers.

“After a period of rapid company growth, we recognized that we needed to minimize the limitations of our existing manual quality system and implement a single platform to seamlessly manage our quality, document and training processes,” said Dagmar Hirsch, InfectoPharm Head of QA. “With TrackWise Digital, we have the industry leading QMS platform that not only supports our organizational growth but that strengthens our commitment to meeting mounting GxP compliance and validation requirements.”

TrackWise Digital will allow InfectoPharm to sustain productivity, provide transparency and empower timely decision making in the current pandemic environment. As a digitally enabled, cloud-based QMS, TrackWise Digital connects quality data and processes across the enterprise. This brings new levels of efficiency to operations, allows for remote collaboration across teams, sites and suppliers, and provides data-driven insights for continuous improvement.

Stephen McCarthy, Sparta Vice President of Digital Innovation, said, “A digital QMS provides the capabilities that life science organizations need to grow successfully and not just adapt, but thrive, in the face of change. TrackWise Digital alleviates the constraints of manual processes and enables companies like InfectoPharm to be compliant while automating and standardizing all quality-related processes. InfectoPharm will further improve the quality and safety of their pediatric and hospital products and continue to grow with confidence, knowing their digital QMS can support their critical processes and needs of today, while providing the flexibility and scalability required to meet future needs.”

About InfectoPharm
InfectoPharm is a family-run business that specializes in the development of medications for children and hospital antibiotics. As the leading pediatric pharmaceutical company in Germany, all of InfectoPharm products deliver the added value that patients, physicians and pharmacists have come to expect from us over the past 30 years.

InfectoPharm successfully develops and adapts medically proven active ingredients to meet the distinctive needs of children. This promotes therapy adherence, avoids unwanted therapeutic off-label use and helps young patients to recover faster: InfectoPharm’s unique products are recommended in medical guidelines and are trusted for use in standard therapies. They clearly differ from existing ones in terms of their galenics, potency, dosage or taste. In the hospital care field InfectoPharm supports hospital physicians with special medicinal products , which  help to prevent and treat difficult to treat infections in pediatric and adult patients.

With more than 200 employees and an expanding international presence through long-term partnerships, InfectoPharm has achieved excellent sales growth in the double-digit range, especially over the past 10 years. And this success hasn’t gone unnoticed: in 2017, the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) listed InfectoPharm as one of 1,000 Companies to Inspire Europe and included InfectoPharm in its annual report on outstanding medium-sized companies in Europe.

About Sparta Systems
Sparta Systems, a Honeywell Company, brings leading-edge quality management solutions to regulated industries. With TrackWise® and TrackWise Digital®, Sparta provides enterprise and cloud-based QMS software solutions that help companies go to market faster and deliver the highest standards for product quality, compliance and customer satisfaction. Sparta is an innovator in its field and is driving smart quality with first-of-its-kind AI-enabled quality solutions. By applying the latest digital technologies, our products simplify the process of quality management and guide customers toward proactive quality.   

The combination of Sparta Systems and Honeywell brings together Sparta Systems’ quality management leadership with over 100 years of industrial and software expertise from Honeywell. Together, Sparta and Honeywell will shape the future of digital quality and operational excellence for the life sciences industry.