Biovac Selects TrackWise Digital to Enable Digital Quality Management Across Vaccine Manufacturing Operations

Leading manufacturer of vaccines in South Africa implements digital QMS for end-to-end quality management to gain efficiency and rapidly scale up operations  

HAMILTON, NJ – OCTOBER 06, 2020 – Today, Sparta Systems announced that The Biovac Institute, the leading manufacturer of vaccines in South Africa, has selected TrackWise Digital® as their end-to-end, next-generation quality management platform. Biovac will implement the full suite of TrackWise Digital solutions including core QMS processes, Complaints Handling, Supplier Quality Management, Quality Risk Management, Document Management and Training Management to seamlessly integrate quality processes and data across their vaccine manufacturing operations and suppliers. 

“Our vision is to create a world class international African vaccine manufacturer. Having started with distribution and now entering sterile manufacturing requires a bold move towards embracing digital and quality transformation,” said Angelo Tsihlas, Biovac Chief Quality Officer. “With TrackWise Digital, we have a robust QMS platform that not only supports our aggressive growth and digital strategy but helps us quickly scale up our operations.” 

A deciding factor in Biovac’s selection of TrackWise Digital was its ability to easily integrate with their current ERP and other digital manufacturing systems, as well as those planned as part of their five-year digital transformation project. As a digitally enabled, cloud-based QMS, TrackWise Digital connects quality data and processes across the enterprise. This brings new levels of efficiency to operations, allows for remote collaboration across teams, sites and suppliers, and provides data-driven insights for continuous improvement.  

Stephen McCarthy, Sparta Vice President of Digital Innovation, said, “To grow and succeed, organizations need a mature, digital QMS that can automate and standardize quality processes across the board, reducing the risks and resource constraints of a paper-based quality system. Biovac will improve the quality and safety of their current products and expand to manufacturing with confidence, knowing the digital QMS can support their critical processes and needs today as well those of tomorrow.” 

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About Biovac 

The Biovac Institute (Biovac) is a South Africa biopharmaceutical company that was a result of the private sector and public sector coming together in forming a company to revive human vaccine manufacture in Southern Africa.  This public private partnership aims to address the need for human vaccine manufacturing capacity that is sorely lacking on the African continent. 

Biovac’s focus is on ensuring that South Africa and Africa has the required capacity to respond to both local and regional vaccine needs. 

Biovac’s mission is to make a contribution to the world through the development, manufacture and supply of effective human vaccines to protect life. 

Currently, The Biovac Institute supplies over 15 million doses of vaccines annually to the South African provinces.

About Sparta Systems 

Sparta’s industry-leading quality management systems bring together an organization’s quality processes in a single place, increasing efficiency and performance while helping to achieve compliance and reduce risk. Sparta is the provider of TrackWise® enterprise QMS software and TrackWise Digital®, the next-generation, cloud and digital enabled QMS SaaS platform. With over 1 million users in more than 30 countries, companies in life sciences and other industries rely on Sparta’s expertise and solutions to optimize quality and help them deliver safe and effective products to market.