Quality Management and Industry 4.0

March 7, 2018

By Steve McCarthy


5 Key Imperatives All Quality Leaders Are Responsible For

Whether you are responsible for ensuring the quality of your company’s biologics, class IV devices, organic ice cream, or latest line of home automation products, you are liable to have five core responsibilities.

  • The first is quality, or making sure your products/services meet customers’ expectations.

  • The next is safety and ensuring those products/services pose no risks to end users.

  • Efficacy is the ability of the product to produce the desired or intended result.

  • Supply chain continuity and ensuring products are available throughout their lifecycles.

  • Finally, there’s compliance and adherence to regulatory or standards organizations. 

Nearly all quality leaders, regardless of their industry or company size share these five key imperatives to varying extents.  All the while, they must drive their total cost of quality down, turning external failures into internal failures, and shifting appraisal costs to prevention costs.

This has never been an easy feat. Quality leaders often walk a tight rope that flails precariously as their companies launch into unexpected initiatives that can suddenly bring all the good work they do crashing to the ground. Just think of all the unknowns that come with launching new products, acquiring new companies, or partnering with unproven suppliers.

Now, Industry 4.0 threatens to disrupt quality management as we know it. The rise of 3D printing, automation, cloud computing, IoT, personalized medicine, and other emerging technologies present a major challenge. But, it is also an unprecedented opportunity for quality leaders who know how to strike the right balance between those imperatives, while keeping an eye toward the future.

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Learn how you can lay the foundation for a quality management system that helps your company to thrive in this next era of manufacturing.

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