2nd Annual NextGen 2011 - Super Generics Strategies India 2011

May 17, 2011

By Sparta Editorial


Sparta Systems recently attended the  2nd Annual NextGen 2011 – Super Generics Strategies India 2011. This conference has quickly established itself as one of the premier events in the generic pharmaceutical industry. You could feel the excitement in the air amongst the attendees and speakers around the growing potential in this market. Several trends were evident throughout the event including:

1. Western drugs coming off patent - In the next few years, many major small molecule blockbuster pharmaceuticals will be off patent.

2. The potential untapped market of Japan - Currently, only about 10% of the drugs sold in Japan are generics, while the country continues to be the largest pharmaceutical market in Asia Pacific, by revenue. With an aging population, growing healthcare costs and continued economic issues, how much longer can they afford to buy mostly branded products?

3. Branded generics - In the next few years you can expect a large increase in the amount of branded generics as large pharmaceuticals try to lengthen the revenue stream of those once golden eggs. An epic battle is beginning between the two value added generics, India’s Super Generics or combination generics vs. the branded generics of big pharmaceuticals.

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