Why Focusing on Passing Your Audit is the Wrong Approach

April 10, 2017

By Michael Bord


Audits help companies capture some of the most valuable and impartial information they may ever receive about themselves.  In fact, the information captured from an audit can transform an entire organization.  Yet, most companies view audits as a burden and simply focus on passing the audit.  This is the wrong approach.

In a recent article titled, “The Most Important Question to Ask About Your Audit Program,” Sparta’s Tom Middleton wrote:

“Audits are normally planned and conducted for several reasons, and it may come as a surprise to many that the primary reason is not limited to “ensuring compliance with requirements...the bigger picture requires that audits be performed to ensure that goals and objectives are met…[audits] provide organizations with a crystalline view to the management ecosystem and can provide a wealth of information over time.”

Watch Sparta’s Tom Middleton talk about the outcomes you should be focused on instead.  

To learn more watch our webinar, “Why You Should Automate 3rd Party Audits”.

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