EH&S Success Story: MedImmune Harnesses the Power of TrackWise – Part 3

March 21, 2011

By Sparta Editorial


In the previous installments of this series, we first explored the challenges that led global biologics provider MedImmune to seek out an electronic system to manage its Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) processes.  In the second installment, we examined some of the reasons why the company ultimately selected TrackWise as its electronic EH&S system.  In this third and final post we’ll take a look at the just how TrackWise is being used by MedImmune today, and some of the benefits the company has received from its implementation since going live in 2007.  Results: Three years after going live with the EH&S system in 2007, MedImmune is today approaching 5,000 records in TrackWise.  Associate EH&S director Ron Clot attributes much of this rapid adoption to the ease of navigation in the TrackWise workflows that interface with the end users via simple web interfaces for incident reporting and Adobe PDF forms for risk assessment.

 “A typical workflow in TrackWise is straightforward enough that someone shown it once can use it from that point on,” he says.  “That is critical; our EH&S systems just would not work if we did not have end-user acceptance.  Any time there is to be an interface with our customer base, TrackWise is the preferred platform.”

As the EH&S initiative revealed the comprehensive capabilities present in TrackWise, additional departments that had a need for a powerful workflow management tool – such as clinical programming – became interested and began using the system within 18 months of its roll-out.  This has given the project truly enterprise-wide dimensions, delivering even more of the benefits characteristic of a closed-loop system.

MedImmune enjoys a notably low incident rate in comparison with other pharmaceutical organizations, and it has become measurably lower over time.  Clot attributes much of this to the EH&S management system now in place.

“Our mantra of identify, evaluate, control and document is satisfied with TrackWise,” he reports.  “We’re identifying things proactively, they don’t slip through the cracks, and that’s reflected in the low incident rate, resulting in cost savings in terms of worker’s comp claims, lost productivity and the like.”

With TrackWise, MedImmune centralized its EH&S compliance process areas into a single solution while providing global visibility, mitigating risk and tracking the organization’s environmental footprint.

To summarize, with TrackWise, MedImmune:   - Ensures compliance with industry and governmental regulation and ISO standards.

 - Identifies incidents and risk factors and prompts corrective/preventive actions before they develop into serious problems.

 - Streamlines EH&S processes to facilitate thorough and timely completion.

 - Reduces time, effort and costs associated with manual, paper-based processes.

For more information on how life sciences company are using enterprise quality management software for EH&S processes, visit Sparta’s site here.

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