Sparta Goes All-In On Cloud-Based Quality Management Systems

By Pharmaceutical Commerce, February 24, 2017

There is still a lively debate in pharma IT and business-management circles over the usefulness and security of true (multitenant) cloud-based software systems, which take computer code and applications out of on-premises computers and data storage, and keep them in a remote data server whose very physical location can change from hour to hour across an interconnected network like the industry leader, Amazon Web Services (AWS). Cloud-based systems have made substantial entrée into customer relationship management, some aspects of clinical research, and some aspects of business intelligence. But many pharma managers still hesitate to commit core functions like regulatory compliance, business financials or customer master data to cloud-based systems; the risks of hacked or stolen data are thought to be too high, and the lack of direct control over both hardware and software raises data-integrity issues. 

By contrast, Sparta Systems, one of the leading software vendors in enterprise-level quality management systems (EQMS), has not only gone to cloud-based offerings; it provides two different platforms, and also provides for a transitional process for its legacy product, TrackWise.

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