Chemical Management Software Guide

TrackWise Digital Featured in "A Guide to Chemicals Management and Regulatory Compliance Software"

By Chemical Watch January, 2018

Brandon Henning, director of industry solutions at Sparta Systems, says that an important feature of the company’ s software is its ability to run either on a server or in the cloud, something he says not every vendor can offer. Sparta’s quality management system (QMS) portfolio includes TrackWise, Stratas and 123Compliance. Mr Henning advises that, when vendors say that their software is easy to understand and use, buyers should ask them to prove it and show how simple it really is to createand change documents. This, he says, is where buyers often fall into a trap because while demonstrations can look simple, the reality may not be.

“Buyers should also look at the return on investment that systems can provide as there is a tonne of value in moving away from manual spreadsheets. I see companies focusing on sales and marketing IT systems but not regulatory compliance because it is harder to justify the spend,” he comments.

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