• Enterprise Quality Management Software for the Electronics Manufacturing Industry

    The electronics sector is a rapidly growing and hyper-competitive industry that spans the globe in terms of consumers, manufacturing infrastructure, supply chain and customer preferences. Due to the wide range of requirements and diverse spread of stakeholders, electronics manufacturers face countless industry challenges. These challenges range from  shorter product lifecycles due to rapid new product innovations, greater demography of consumers with available disposable income and appetite for electronic gadgets, increased use of global supply chain, safety and other regulatory requirements, proliferation of new markets due to wireless connectivity, and the need to manage strategic partnerships across the supply chain.

    Sparta Systems’ TrackWise enterprise quality management software helps electronics manufacturers (such as ODM, IDM, EMS, foundries, consumer products, etc.) manage product quality and business processes efficiently throughout their organization, and across their global supply chains. Our electronics manufacturing quality management software allows electronic manufacturers to mitigate risk and reduce the complexity of business processes while driving out non-value added costs associated with the production, sale and service of electronic components and products.Webcast:  Enterprise Quality Management for Manufacturing: Increasing Brand Reputation through High Quality Products - Download Now

    Sparta Systems’ best practices and domain expertise can enable your organization to effectively manage events or incidents using industry best practices including 8D, 6-sigma and other corrective/preventive actions. Besides FRACAS software, TrackWise enterprise quality management solutions also help you adhere to standardized and harmonized quality systems for ISO/TS (16949, 9001, 14001, 27001) standards using our industry-best-practices-based out-of-the-box  flexible solution with streamlined  deployment lifecycle to help organizations quickly implement a powerful EQMS software solution.

    For nearly two decades, the Trackwise quality management system has been successfully enabling companies of all sizes to achieve unprecedented gains in efficiency by consolidating redundant systems, reducing manual operations and implementing operational best practices.  Leading electronics manufacturers and best in class enterprises worldwide rely on and trust TrackWise solutions to log, manage, track and report on failures/events to help ensure safety, create high quality products, efficiently manage the supply chain, and reduce cycle time and time-to-market.


    The TrackWise Non-Conformance and Corrective Action solutions ensure typical failure reporting, investigations and corrective actions into a streamlined Nonconformance/Corrective Action and Preventive Action (NC/CAPA) processes. Product or process nonconformances are properly and efficiently handled through an integrated system that tracks and manages the complete process from the initial report, to the investigation process and root cause analysis to any resulting actions and follow up verification of effectiveness. The TrackWise CAPA solution automates CAPAs generated independently or through other quality processes. TrackWise NC/CAPA tracks and manages the process of generating and carrying out action plans, verifies completion, automates follow-up effectiveness tasks, and, when applicable, closes the loop with the incident record for which the Corrective/Preventive Action was created.  NC and CAPA together provide a robust and closed-loop FRACAS system to safely and efficiently manage failures and events to the electronics, semiconductor and high-tech manufacturing customers.

    Customer Events and Complaint Management » 

    TrackWise Customer Events and Complaint Management Solutions enable electronics, semiconductor and high-tech manufacturers to effectively implement a global and consolidated approach to managing customer events and complaints. TrackWise reduces product safety issues, streamlines workflow processes and helps improve customer satisfaction. The system integrates event and complaint handling into the overall quality management system, allowing users to benefit from a single interface - eliminating the need for complex and costly custom integration.

    Supplier Quality Management »

    The electronics, semiconductor and high-tech manufacturing supply chain is globally dispersed, high value and with compressed product life cycle, which makes it critical to source strategic suppliers properly and maintain and develop supplier capabilities and progress in a tighter and collaborative fashion essential. The TrackWise Supplier Quality Management solution improves quality throughout the supply chain by managing the process of qualifying, selecting and monitoring suppliers and supply chain partners. The solution offers  features such as supplier scorecards, supplier qualification workflows  and tracking systems for supplier non-conformances and resulting actions.  

    Audit Management »

    The TrackWise Audit Management solution helps promote the effectiveness of  business critical processes by ensuring all activities are within standard operating procedures. TrackWise tracks and manages audits across the enterprise, from supplier and partner audits to internal and external audits, by tracking observations, findings, and recommendations and the resulting action plans - automatically managing periodic and ad-hoc audit schedules.

    Frequently Asked Questions about TrackWise and the Discrete Manufacturing Industry

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