Discrete Manufacturing

Enterprise Quality Management Software for the Discrete Manufacturing Industry

Discrete manufacturers produce and sell high-quality, highly complex products such as automobiles, technology and machinery. The manufacturing environment for these products is characterized by a need for flexibility in order to effectively link demand with production, improve quality and time-to-market, and lower costs. Goods are typically mass-produced, using standard assembly lines and require a means of managing mass customization. 

Due to the wide range of requirements and diverse spread of stakeholders, discrete manufacturers face countless industry challenges. These challenges range from shorter product lifecycles due to rapid new product innovations, increased use of global supply chain, and the need to manage strategic partnerships across the supply chain.

Sparta Systems’ Enterprise Quality Management Software (EQMS) solutions help discrete manufacturers manage product quality and business processes efficiently throughout their organization, and across their global supply chains. Whether on premise or cloud-based, our EQMS solutions allow manufacturers to mitigate risk and reduce the complexity of business processes while fostering highly collaborative enterprises with in-depth visibility into supplier quality. 

Driving Both Flexibility and Quality into the Discrete Manufacturing Environment

Sparta Systems’ best practices and domain expertise can enable your organization to effectively manage events or incidents using industry best practices including 8D, 6-sigma and other corrective/preventive actions. Sparta’s EQMS solutions also help you adhere to standardized and harmonized quality systems for ISO/TS (16949, 9001, 14001, 27001) standards using our industry-best-practices-based, out-of-the-box flexible solution with streamlined deployment lifecycle to help organizations quickly implement a powerful quality management solution.

For nearly two decades, Sparta Systems has been successfully enabling companies of all sizes to achieve unprecedented gains in efficiency by consolidating redundant systems, reducing manual operations and implementing operational best practices. Leading discrete manufacturers and best in class enterprises worldwide rely on and trust Sparta’s solutions to log, manage, track and report on failures/events to help ensure safety, create high quality products, efficiently manage the supply chain, and reduce cycle time and time-to-market.

Incident & Deviation Management » 

Sparta’s Incident & Deviation Management solutions manage and track incidents, deviations, investigations and corrective actions into a streamlined process. Product or process deviations are properly and efficiently handled through an integrated system that tracks and manages the complete process from the initial report, to the investigation process and root cause analysis to any resulting actions and follow up verification of effectiveness. The solution automates Corrective Actions and Preventive Actions (CAPAs), managing the process of generating and carrying out action plans, verifying completion, automating follow-up effectiveness tasks, and, when applicable, closing the loop with the incident record for which the Corrective/Preventive Action was created. 

Customer Events and Complaint Management » 

Sparta’s customer events and complaint management solutions enable discrete manufacturers to effectively implement a global and consolidated approach to managing customer events and complaints. These solutions reduce product safety issues, streamline workflow processes and help improve customer satisfaction. Event and complaint handling are integrated into the overall quality management system, allowing users to benefit from a single interface - eliminating the need for complex and costly custom integration.

Supplier Quality Management »

Discrete manufacturers, particularly in the electronics, semiconductor and high-tech industries, balance a globally dispersed supply chain with a compressed product life cycle, which makes it critical to source strategic suppliers properly and maintain and develop supplier capabilities and progress in a tighter and collaborative fashion essential. Sparta’s Supplier Quality Management solutions improve quality throughout the supply chain by managing the process of qualifying, selecting and monitoring suppliers and supply chain partners. These solutions offer features such as supplier scorecards, supplier qualification workflows and tracking systems for supplier deviations and resulting actions.  

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