Medical Device Product Registration Tracking

Automate Product Registration Tracking

Medical device companies face pressure to improve their bottom line by working more efficiently.  Regulatory affairs product registration tracking is an area that carries great potential for manufacturers to boost productivity, cut costs, and mitigate risk. A growing number of medical device manufacturers are achieving greater operational and financial performance by automating their FDA medical device registration tracking processes.

An Integrated Medical Device Tracking System

Sparta offers a product registration tracking solution that enables medical device companies to reduce effort, cost, and risk associated with the registration process. The system improves the management, tracking, and reporting of global registration activities. It can effectively streamline complex product data relationships that are typical of registration data and integrate with other quality and compliance processes within the organization.

Global Medical Device Tracking 

Sparta helps companies manage the product life cycle activities for each registration, in each country, and for every product, intended use, configuration, kit and associated labeling. The solution helps increase transparency throughout the company, and helps get products to market with greater speed and efficiency, while ensuring FDA and other regulatory compliance requirements are met.

Benefits of Sparta Product Registration Tracking

  • Automatically monitors all regulatory submissions, correspondence, and commitments.
  • Helps you adapt to changing global regulations through easy point and click configuration.
  • Offers simple search and fast report generation with automatic distribution.
  • Allows you to manage a variety of data/information entries/reference documents.
  • Improves visibility to global product information for strategic business and compliance decisions.
  • Stores all information in one centralized system that can be shared throughout the company.

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