Video: How One CDMO Leverages Sparta Systems Solutions

CDMOs can benefit from TrackWise in a number of ways. From a metrics standpoint to regulatory compliance, TrackWise enables CDMOs to improve transparency, reporting, and more. Learn how one CDMO has benefited from using TrackWise below.


We’re a CDMO so we have several clients that are here. We manufacture for them and we do development work for them, so from a metric standpoint to sell our business as a CDMO, we use the reports in TrackWise to say this is where we are at with deviation time, this is our CAPAs that are on time, etc. So it helps to sell our company and the work that we do.

TrackWise was able to show every step of the process. We used it for issuance to see who was reviewing and how long it was reviewed, so we are able to use TrackWise from a metric standpoint. For our investigations, we are able to use it for that purpose. For our CAPAs, effectiveness checks on CAPAs, and for our consumer complaints.

From a regulatory standpoint, when we have auditors come in or the regulatory agencies when we have to provide information right there, we can go to TrackWise and pull the things that are necessary – not only from a global standpoint, but an individual standpoint. We’re able to pull that information within minutes so that’s one of the awesome things about the TrackWise system.

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