Sparta Joins Honeywell

We are excited to be joining Honeywell, where we will be creating a broader integrated life sciences ecosystem that combines our vision of enabling proactive quality with Honeywell’s software solutions, batch automation and data integration capabilities. This ecosystem of digital solutions will help you address the challenges of developing safe, effective pharmaceutical and medical devices under increasing manufacturing complexity while meeting stringent regulatory and quality compliance requirements.  

How does Sparta fit into Honeywell and what does that mean for the life sciences industry?

Honeywell and Sparta are a great fit for the life sciences industry. We will be combining the quality management expertise you’ve come to expect from Sparta with Honeywell’s Connected Enterprise software business. It’s important to note that Honeywell is not a newcomer to the life sciences industry as it has been serving the industry for over 30 years with innovative advancements in automation technologies, systems, and services.
Together with Honeywell, we are amplifying our commitment to the industry to help you, our customers, operate with increased efficiency and agility while helping you to achieve quality system compliance and reduce risk. 

How will Sparta and Honeywell combine our strengths for the connected enterprise?

The combination of our quality management expertise with the engineers, data scientists, IIoT and AI experts at Honeywell will accelerate our vision of helping life sciences manufacturers drive proactive quality across the life sciences value chain from R&D, to manufacturing through post-market surveillance and beyond.
Honeywell’s tradition of industrial innovation and expertise in software, industrial controls and manufacturing automation systems will be a crucial element in helping us deliver new technologies to the life sciences industry, enabling us to bring you tighter integration with the shop floor to enable proactive quality. Honeywell’s global scale and reach will also allow us to expand the global resources and network available to support your business – anywhere.

What does this mean for you, our customers?

Together with Honeywell we plan to continue to invest in and develop new and improved life sciences offerings.  Your success is our success and as a customer, you can expect to receive continued support through our operations, customer service, installation, and support to help enable the success of your business.
Sparta customers will gain from the combination of both leadership teams and continued and expanded investments in innovation. Honeywell is leading the digital transformation journey of enterprises across the globe and will bring this vision and transformational prowess to Sparta customers as well.
Sparta will now be part of a broader integrated life sciences manufacturing digital eco-system that combines TrackWise Digital with Honeywell’s software solutions, batch automation, and data integration capabilities. This eco-system of digital solutions is particularly important for the life sciences industry because customers face stringent regulation and quality compliance as well as increasing manufacturing complexity. With Honeywell, we will be able to better interconnect critical quality processes, data, people, and decisions to manufacturing operations through Honeywell technology platforms to enable operational agility, faster decisions, and speed to market.  

Sparta and Honeywell: Smarter together

The combination of Sparta Systems and Honeywell brings together Sparta Systems’ quality management leadership and expertise with over 100 years of software and industrial expertise from Honeywell. Together, Sparta and Honeywell will shape the future of digital quality and operational excellence for the life sciences industry.

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