Meet the Needs of Today’s Health Climate with Efficient Change Management

April 20, 2020

By Daniel Burns


Leverage the Tools That Will Assure Survival in the Face of Adversity

Efficient and effective change management has never been more critical in life sciences, as the global needs for expanded access to medicine and medical products has grows exponentially.
In fact, many organizations are winning the battle against the novel coronavirus by changing themselves to better meet the needs of patients, consumers, healthcare providers and workers.
Digging into their core competencies and capabilities, many companies and organizations are answering the call to aid, from whenever it can be sourced.

  • Some are changing manufacturing capacities to increase production of ventilators and other critical devices.

  • Some are developing and transferring rapid test kits to identify COVID-19.

  • Others still are working on vaccines and medical therapies for patients already infected with COVID-19.

Managing change under the best of circumstances is a complicated cross-functional process that requires significant administrative efforts to assure that change control rigor scales with change risk and significance.
While there is a business imperative to implement change rapidly in the face of external challenge, there is even greater need to make sure that change is appropriately planned and vetted and controlled. The current global pandemic should prompt all businesses to be lean where permissible without increasing risk to business and supply chain.
TrackWise Digital enables rapid change implementation so your organization can focus on responding to the needs of patients and healthcare workers.

  • Our Quality Process Accelerator, developed in conjunction with Sparta’s Quality Best Practices Council, assures that change is managed at both the site and corporate/global level, with the appropriate personnel involved in change assessment, planning, approval, implementation and deployment.

  • TrackWise Digital Mobile delivers change control tasks directly to the hand of key stakeholders, providing a comfortable user interface for remote change management.

  • TrackWise Digital’s integrated dashboards and reporting make sure the entire enterprise organization is aligned and aware of current information.

For life sciences organizations that are looking to contribute to the global fight against the novel coronavirus, and an expanded QMS function could increase your speed and scale, as you serve the world’s needy, please reach out to learn more about TrackWise Digital.

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