Three Reasons to Replace Your Paper-Based Quality Management System

March 20, 2018

By Sparta Systems


Every company has a life all its own. It is born to serve the needs of its customers and may one day cease to exist. But along the way it grows and evolves at whatever pace it needs to. That’s why it comes as no surprise that every company is at a different stage in its quality management maturity.

Many companies are seemingly at the cusp of a manufacturing technology singularity, while others use three-ring binders to jot down quality incidents on the warehouse floor. Some companies are further along, using an assortment of point solutions and spreadsheets to manage quality.

There isn’t necessarily anything wrong with the latter two approaches if they are an effective means of managing the company’s quality objectives and requirements.  Nonetheless, there are risks and extreme inefficiencies that are difficult to overcome.

If your company is among those that rely on paper or point solutions, here are three reasons to consider an integrated quality management software system.

#1 Visibility Isn’t Just Limited. It’s Virtually Non-Existent

As noted, many companies manage quality on paper well enough, especially within their own walls. But what happens when they must manage the quality of goods and materials provided by suppliers?  It can be quite difficult, or even impossible to spot production problems until they’ve reached the marketplace. This can leave companies exposed to a high level of risk ranging from legal consequences to brand/image problems. Paperless quality management software provides a centralized repository that allows multiple users across different locations to have greater visibility over potential risks.

#2 Regulatory Compliance is a Chore

FDA regulated companies have all the same needs on their non-regulated counterparts, only with the added responsibility of having to prove compliance. For companies that manage quality on paper or disparate point solutions, providing proof of compliance can be extremely time-consuming. But worse yet, one lost or misplaced document can mean you’re not compliant.  A centralized quality management software system helps lower this risk with electronic records, audit trails, and e-signatures that make it far easier to demonstrate compliance.

#3 Closing the Loop is Hard, If You Can Even Trace It to Begin With

Paper-based quality management systems can make it difficult, time-consuming, or even impossible to check the status of a quality process or verify that quality event has been dealt with appropriately. This is another area where an integrated quality management software system excels, as you are able to follow the entire life cycle of a quality event from when it is first caught, to CAPAs that are put in place, to audits that verify effectiveness.


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