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Manage Quality Across the Supply Chain

Manage quality and compliance across your supply chain with a Quality Business Network (QBN).  See how manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors can collaborate in a seamless and integrated environment.  Lower risks, increase efficiency, and keep consumers safe. Learn more at our main Quality Business Network page .

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Today’s manufacturers are challenged with globalization, evolving compliance requirements, increasing product complexity, M&A activity, and the constant need to deliver financial results. The increase in outsourcing and offshoring is further complicating the management of quality risk. Manufacturers must identify quality issues as early as possible in the product lifecycle.

Companies that fail to catch quality issues before a product reaches market face a potential recall, which can cost millions and negatively affect brand value. Effective quality management requires visibility to identify issues as early as possible, traceability to understand the root cause and source for quality issues, accountability of supply chain partners, and collaboration with partners in the extended quality ecosystem.

Manufacturers and suppliers must connect, interact, and integrate on previously unknown and unexpected levels. This heightened need for communication and collaboration is fueling the emergence of a virtual network where small and large manufacturers alike can look beyond their four walls for more efficient and more powerful means of insuring product quality and safety.

With over 20 years of experience and a network of 825,000 users from across 30 countries, Sparta Systems is uniquely positioned to established the quality business network through a portfolio of technology solutions that connect internal quality processes to quality ecosystem partners.

Let’s see the quality business network in action. Connecting you to all quality ecosystem stakeholders, our suite of applications is designed for the way you work. Customers contact a manufacturer’s call center about a product issue. The call center agent uses 123Compliance to capture the inquiry. He is guided through a workflow to close the inquiry or to escalate to a complaint.

The escalation automatically triggers an investigation record into the manufacturer’s TrackWise EQMS. Investigation status and summary can then be managed with a complete audit trail. Following root cause analysis, the manufacturer creates a supplier investigation record that references the issue, priority, and response due date. The request is delivered through Stratas supplier collaboration.

In Stratas, the supplier views the record and any attached documents. The investigation is then documented with a corrective action. The record is then marked complete and submitted back to the manufacturer. Through TrackWise, the manufacturer has complete visibility and can review and approve the supplier response. At any time, manufacturers and/or suppliers can use QualityView to report and analyze reports and trends, turning quality data into insight and action.

Whether you are a manufacturer, supplier, or both, the quality business network enabled by Sparta Systems delivers visibility, connectivity, efficiency, and a richer user experience. Learn how Sparta Systems can help you manage quality. Take advantage of the quality business network today.

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