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  • Sparta Systems Launches Stratas™, a Cloud Application Providing Customers Greater Control and Visibility Into Third Party Supplier Quality Operations

    HAMILTON, N.J. –January 21, 2014 – Sparta Systems, Inc., an industry pioneer and global leader in enterprise quality management solutions (EQMS), today announced the release of Stratas, a new cloud  solution that extends the Company’s flagship quality management software, TrackWise®, beyond a customer’s four walls to external suppliers and contract manufacturers, thereby reducing risk and improving efficiency throughout the value chain.  

    Stratas addresses a critical marketplace need by integrating and extending quality related processes across an organization’s entire supplier and partner network. By providing third party organizations secure access to participate directly in a customer’s EQMS, Stratas eliminates the inefficient, manual methods typical in managing quality in the supply chain-- enabling seamless, electronic management of the entire business process and thousands of related manual transactions annually. The result is unparalleled transparency, management and control over external quality.  Coupled with the use of TrackWise Analytics, organizations will broaden their ability to conduct pro-active analysis on the entire landscape of internal and external quality data.

    Stratas creates a more effective supplier quality management system by: 

    • Helping to reduce the likelihood of adverse quality events by enabling the orderly, consistent benchmarking of suppliers and contract manufacturers;
    • Reducing errors and loss of critical information, helping to prevent non-compliance and improving security; and
    • Driving stronger process regiment and shorter response times, delivering substantial efficiency improvement

    “Stratas will revolutionize how companies manage quality in their supply chain, especially when you consider that more than fifty percent of product recall root causes can be attributed to supplier and contract manufacturer issues, ” said Eileen Martinson, Chief Executive Officer of the Company.  “With recall costs easily averaging between $10 million and $90 million or more, organizations need to do everything they can to improve visibility into both internal and external quality, helping to ensure consumer safety while mitigating risk and litigation exposure and continuing to improve efficiency.”

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    About Sparta Systems

    Founded in 1994, Sparta Systems is the world’s premier provider of cloud and on-premise quality management software. We offer the solutions, analytics, and expertise that speed up quality and compliance. Our solutions help to lower risk, increase efficiency, and keep consumers safe while allowing manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors to collaborate in a seamless and integrated environment. Sparta is privately owned and headquartered in Hamilton N.J, with offices across Europe and Asia. We support close to 1 million users across 700+ implementations, in more than 30 countries. Companies in life sciences, consumer products, discrete manufacturing and more, rely on Sparta.

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