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  • Sparta Systems Unveils TrackWise® Audit Execution Package

    Enhanced Audit Management Functionality Allows a Streamlined, Intuitive and Secure Auditing Experience

    HOLMDEL, N.J. – April 21, 2010 – Sparta Systems, Inc., the maker of TrackWise® software and the market leader in enterprise quality and compliance management solutions, today announced the release of its TrackWise Audit Execution Package. The new offering builds upon the existing robust audit capabilities in the TrackWise solution, providing auditors with an innovative solution that accelerates the efficiency and compliance of conducting audits in the field.

    As authorities strengthen their oversight of regulated industries and increase the frequency of inspections, companies must be prepared to not only meet strict internal operational compliance requirements but also ensure the quality of goods and services provided by an increasingly global network of suppliers. Sparta System’s TrackWise enterprise quality management solution (EQMS) offers these companies comprehensive functionality for ensuring compliance with diverse global regulations and industry standards. The TrackWise Audit Execution Package provides a number of new capabilities designed to increase the efficiency of field audit execution and reduce error-prone manual steps. The new features and capabilities include:

    • Company auditors can now access all relevant audit information offline, while in areas without internet or VPN access, including general audit information, templates/plans and the ability to author related observations/findings
    • Audit information is presented to the user in a cohesive, intuitive format that balances the look and feel of a continuous “document-like” format with the inclusion of dynamic navigation, structured data fields and a modern rich text authoring capability
    • Draft audit reports can be generated in real time, in the field, without having online connectivity
    • The solution allows auditing programs to include questionnaires or self assessments that can be distributed to suppliers and other third parties as an alternative or precursor to onsite auditing activities

    The new functionality is powered by modern, lightweight, Adobe Flex-based technology that delivers rich form-based functionality in a structured solution that eliminates difficult-to-validate local application and database software

    Additionally, implementing TrackWise for audit management processes not only enables the execution of audits, but also provides mature functionality for following up on all identified findings and action plans. Powerful user dashboards, reporting and automated business rules and escalation paths can be implemented in conjunction with all aspects of the audit management lifecycle.

    “With our new Audit Execution Package, companies now have a broad set of additional capabilities available as they continue global audit management programs and align multiple auditing functions,” said Mike Jovanis, vice president of product management at Sparta Systems. “We are excited to deliver a solution that not only dramatically increases the efficiency of auditors’ work in the field, but also adds structure and security to a process that has historically included open, non-secure cutting and pasting from word processing tools.”

    The TrackWise Audit Execution Package is currently available. For more information, look through our website.

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