Top Pharma Manufacturing Predictions for 2019

By Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, January 2019

Automation continues its rise: The entire pharmaceutical industry is focused on the goal of reaching zero defects. Stringent quality requirements demand higher reliance on automation, and as a result, drug delivery system manufacturers and their pharmaceutical and biotechnology customers will continue to invest in process excellence programs and automation within their global operations. This will occur due to the heightened quality standards to which drug manufacturers and their packaging and delivery systems partners must adhere, and the ability these companies now have to minimize risk by removing human interaction in various processes. ~David Montecalvo, senior vice president, Global Operations and Supply Chain, West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.

Companies will look for new ways to have the edge: As the demand for personalized medicines rises,smaller volume biotech products are therefore likely to be prevalent across 2019 as breakthroughs for rare and hard to treat conditions are made.

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