Quality Business Network

Connecting the Quality Ecosystem

As the relationship between internal quality management processes, supply chains and customer experience has become increasingly complex, stakeholders in the quality management value chain must connect, interact and integrate on previously unknown and unexpected levels. As such, small and large manufacturers alike are demanding solutions that can look beyond their four walls to integrate and connect systems, services, supply chain partners, customer feedback and quality management related processes and data to create more efficient and more powerful means of ensuring product quality and safety. 
The Quality Business Network is the ecosystem of quality management stakeholders (manufacturers, contract manufacturers, suppliers) who leverage technology to connect quality management systems, processes and data in order to facilitate increased collaboration and information sharing and deliver comprehensive visibility of issues from raw material through manufacturing to customer experience and back. The value of the network grows with each additional participant.
Sparta Systems is uniquely positioned to  connect the quality ecosystem and establish this Quality Business Network as a result of deep quality management domain knowledge and a network of 750,000 users across 30 countries.  Our solution portfolio includes:
TrackWise, an established leading enterprise quality management software (EQMS) solution, enables the Quality Business Network as a core quality management solution that optimizes quality processes, ensures compliance, reduces risk, and lowers operational cost.
123Compliance, a cloud solution that is fully validated and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, enables quality and complaint management processes and extends the Quality Business Network to organizations seeking a quality and complaint management solution built on the Salesforce App Cloud platform.
Stratas Supplier Collaboration connects quality ecosystem suppliers and partners to internal quality management processes.
TrackWise QualityView embeds self-service business intelligence and reporting tools directly into the enterprise quality management system.  As a result, end-users gain insight into every aspect of quality across the enterprise and leverage the data necessary to foster strategic development, formulate plans, develop predictive data analysis models, and optimize business operations in a self-service model that enables greater data availability while eliminating the dependence on IT.
QualityConnect is Sparta’s portfolio of integration offerings designed to enable integration with a variety of enterprise systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). QualityConnect is an open architecture integration framework that can be leveraged to seamlessly integrate TrackWise with other mission critical applications. QualityConnect features a suite of integration utilities including comprehensive web services and SAML single sign on.
To enable workflow applications, Sparta Systems has catalogued Process Designs which are best practice workflows based on more than twenty years of experience implementing quality management solutions for industry leaders.  Process Designs include defined and configured workflows, validation documentation, report designs for Crystal and QualityView, and an optional pre-configured database.

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Quality Business Network

Manage quality and compliance across your supply chain with a Quality Business Network (QBN). See how manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors can collaborate in a seamless and integrated environment. Lower risks, increase efficiency, and keep consumers safe.

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