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    Stratas Expands Quality Processes Outside the Four Walls

    Stratas is a cloud-based portal that extends quality processes beyond a corporation’s four walls out to suppliers, contract manufacturers and other partners in the external supply network. This allows them to participate directly in quality interactions that historically have been handled using inefficient, manual methods. When combined with the rich capabilities of TrackWise, Stratas creates a fully featured, end-to-end supplier quality management solution.

    Stratas streamlines quality-related interactions between customers and their partners, giving greater visibility, management and control into an organization’s quality management processes across the global supply chain. It facilitates the development of an integrated supply network through seamless, electronic management of the entire supplier management process by providing partners secure access to participate directly in a supplier portal. This supports quality-related interactions such as supplier onboarding, supplier communication, audit management, and non-conformances. Stratas eliminates the points of disconnect and the inefficient, manual methods such as email and fax to traditionally manage suppliers.  The result is unparalleled transparency, management, and control over third party quality, enabling organizations to make better decisions to manage supplier compliance, quality and risk. Datasheet:  Stratas - Download Now

    • Effectiveness
      Stratas helps to reduce the likelihood of a negative quality event and enables the constant measurement of suppliers to identify those that are ineffective     
    • Efficiency
      Stratas fosters a stronger supplier communication process regiment that improves the reliability and traceability of communications, and helps to enforce the on-time completion of quality interactions and remediation        
    • Security and Compliance
      Stratas drives a robust supplier compliance management process that reduces errors and loss of critical information and prevents non-compliance to regulation          

     Four Best Practices to Improve Quality in the Supply Chain
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    Stratas improves supplier quality management, protects brand reputation, and mitigates risk and litigation exposure by:  

    • Connecting suppliers to the existing quality management solution (QMS) and leveraging the flexible workflow capabilities of TrackWise  
    • Creating a Single Source of Truth for end-to-end quality management that provides the ability to aggregate quality metrics and scorecards in a consistent, measurable, normalized and repeatable way  
    • Reducing errors and loss of critical information within supplier quality processes  
    • Ensuring quality workflows are followed across a broad range of suppliers and service providers  


    The Stratas Advantage                                                        

    The Stratas solution starts with configurable, best practice supplier quality management processes in TrackWise. These processes include common SQM tasks such as Non-Conformances, Audit Management, Change Management, Supplier Registration, Supplier Communication, and Supplier Onboarding.  As each internal process reaches the point in the workflow where supplier response, investigation, data and documents are needed, it is extended out to suppliers for input through a single, secure web page.  This multi-tenant portal is built with a simple, intuitive user experience and is provided to suppliers through an easy registration and supplier onboarding process. 

    As suppliers complete each quality task, Stratas hands the workflow back to TrackWise, aggregating quality data in one place. With the advanced reporting and analysis capabilities of TrackWise Analytics, organizations are able to better understand and gain insights from analyzing supplier performance history through advanced reports such as heat maps, risk profiling and supplier scorecards. The fully managed, secured and hosted Stratas service is 21 CFR Part 11, ERES, GxP, and Safe Harbor compliant, with audit trails, electronic signatures, and supplier registration and user management provided. 

    The Supplier Performance Management and Evaluation System 

    Stratas increases efficiency of supplier selection and supply chain management by both tracking and managing the qualification and approval process for new potential suppliers, while avoiding redundant evaluations by maintaining complete records of all previous suppliers evaluated for reference across the enterprise.  Supplier qualification is further enhanced by the advanced auditing capabilities to allow offline execution of audit records and reports and seamless integration back into the TrackWise Audit Management workflows.

    Seamless Supplier Information Management to Reduce Risk 

    Supplier nonconformance management through Stratas ensures all supplier non-conformances are addressed by tracking and managing all reported non-conformances, their subsequent investigations, and any resulting CAPA directly with your suppliers. 

    Supplier scorecards are the real-time view into the health of your supply chain.  These scorecards pull information from all TrackWise workflows such as new supplier qualification, nonconformance and audit results, as well as ERP data such as quantity delivered and on-time delivery statistics.  This truly holistic view helps highlight areas of greatest risk in your supply chain to make appropriate supply usage and spend decisions.

    The fully managed, secured and hosted Stratas service is 21 CFR Part 11, ERES, GxP, and Safe Harbor compliant, with audit trails, electronic signatures, and supplier registration and user management provided.

    Stratas eliminates the inefficient, manual methods typical in managing quality in the supply chain – enabling seamless, electronic management of the entire business process. The result is unparalleled visibility, management and control over external quality. 

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