• Training Management Software

    The TrackWise Training Manager extends the functionality of the enterprise quality management system (EQMS) to provide automated tracking and managing of employee training, ensuring relevant activities are scheduled and tracked through to completion. 

    Training Management software's inclusion within the TrackWise EQMS landscape provides a seamless environment to ensure compliance with government and industry regulation as well as to maintain a standard of excellence in controlling the training initiative. Centralized, comprehensive training records provide proof of compliance and maintain an accurate reflection of training needs, while integration with quality-driven actions such as corrective action and preventive action (CAPA) plans and change control ensures that any additional training required due to events are enforced and carried out. Training Management and Employee Qualification Solutions - Download Now

    Benefits of TrackWise Training Management Software:

    • Ensures compliance with industry and government regulations and ISO standards 
    • Provides seamless integration to TrackWise EQMS functionality such as CAPA and change management 
    • Reduces risk of incidents caused by untrained or undertrained employees  
    • Increases training efficiency by standardizing and automating processes and procedures across the organization 
    • Reduces risks of repeat quality events by triggering ad-hoc training  
    • Increases operational efficiency through well-trained staff 
    • Increases training transparency, providing fast analysis into corporate training needs 
    • Supports employee development
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