TrackWise QualityView

Better Quality Data Insights & Decisions

As companies contend with increased regulation, competition and globalization, the ability to leverage and analyze quality-related data to gain insight across the enterprise is critical. However, getting to this data can often be challenging, due to lack of resources and expertise, budget constraints, and technology limitations. Therefore, most organizations today are not taking full advantage of the quality-related data hidden within their enterprise quality management software (EQMS) solution. This prevents manufacturers from identifying quality problems and bottlenecks, and thereby hinders their efforts to pinpoint areas of improvement. Often, the quality organization becomes dependent on the IT organization to manage reports and analysis, which is not scalable over the long term. Quality organizations should be empowered not only to collect and process critical quality data, but also to analyze and act on it.

TrackWise QualityView

TrackWise QualityView: Empowering the Quality Organization

TrackWise QualityView places the power of data in the hands of the end user, scaling quality information across the business operating environment. It delivers an enhanced reporting and analytics solution by supporting the evolving needs of  customers with a self-service model that provides:

  • embedded real-time analytics for a comprehensive view into quality data
  • ad-hoc analysis and reporting for quick and informed decision-making
  • a dynamic, intuitive user interface to speed adoption
  • mobile and offline analysis for quality insight at the office or on the road
  • predictive data analytics modeling to help mitigate risk and identify opportunities

TrackWise QualityView is directly embedded into the TrackWise enterprise quality management system, removing the barriers associated with traditional, corporate-initiated business intelligence (BI) tool deployments and significantly reducing the total cost of ownership compared with traditional BI systems.  

TrackWise QualityView allows end-users to gain insight into every aspect of quality across the enterprise and provides the data necessary to foster strategic development, formulate plans, and optimize business operations in a self-service model that enables greater data availability while eliminating the dependence on IT. TrackWise QualityView is designed to  automatically reflect your TrackWise EQMS configuration, data model, security model, and localization for global solutions without burdening the IT organization.


TrackWise QualityView

Make better use of your quality data today with Sparta Systems' TrackWise QualityView.

Benefits of TrackWise QualityView:

  • Enable executive visibility and transparency across your enterprise quality system  
  • Empower end-users to conduct real-time analysis and reporting through an intuitive interface that enables drag-and-drop report authoring  
  • Reduce the dependence on technical/IT staff for report creation and data updates  
  • Enable greater managed access and availability through public, private and shared reporting capability  
  • Deliver a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) relative to alternative enterprise BI and “home grown” solutions  
  • Improve operational execution by enabling faster and better enterprise decision making 
  • Support integration with other external data sources, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems
  • Automatically reflect your TrackWise configuration, data, security model, and localization for global solutions without any manual overhead 

TrackWise Analytics Mobile App

TrackWise Analytics Mobile application for TrackWise QualityView  allows for the consumption of reports and analytical output, including interactive capabilities such as sorting, filtering, calculations and adaptive charting. Managers and executives will now be able to more rapidly gain insight from data, allowing them to be proactive in decision making regardless of their physical location. Download the TrackWise Analytics Mobile app for the Apple® iPhone® and iPad® at the App Store®.

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