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eBook:  The Five Building Blocks of a Corrective and Preventive Solution

Corrective action and preventive action (CAPA) software can be used to automate CAPAs precipitated by deviations, incidents, complaints and other quality events. TrackWise corrective action software tracks and manages the process of carrying out CAPA plans, automates verification of effectiveness over time and provides seamless traceability to related quality processes, including change control and training.

Sparta Systems offers the only enterprise quality and compliance software that makes it possible for your company to take a holistic approach to your corrective and preventive software activities. The flexible corrective action system architecture gives your organization the power to log and manage quality issues originating from any source while its automated workflow engine routes records through the appropriate investigation, root cause analysis, planning, verification and effectiveness steps. Using TrackWise as your corrective and preventive action request software for your organization can help implement a repeatable, compliant and closed-loop CAPA process.

Benefits of Sparta Systems' CAPA Software Solution:

  • Reduce the risk of lost or incomplete data with closed-loop CAPA management systems 
  • Facilitate compliance with industry regulations including GMP, ISO 9001 and 14001, TSCA, REACH, and other international standards  
  • Provide a flexible yet controlled environment through fully configurable CAPA process workflows 
  • Reduce the risk of repeat issues by ensuring that defined CAPA solutions and CAPA processes are followed 
  • Decrease cycle time and production/operation costs by increasing CAPA process efficiency 
  • Improve the efficiency of quality and operating processes by integrating your CAPA management software with other enterprise-level control systems such enterprise resource planning (ERP) and manufacturing execution systems (MES) and other enterprise IT systems.   

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